Bubble Bubble 2 Slots

The sequel to one of the most popular Halloween-themed slot games, Bubble Bubble 2 is a top-quality online slot with a lot of features to offer. If you're interested in gambling online and you want to experience a slot with a good set of features and plenty of different winning opportunities read through our review of Bubble Bubble 2 down below to learn more about the game.

50 Active Paylines

Bubble Bubble 2 features 50 paylines and they all must remain active all the time. That means that you have no choice but to wager on all 50 paylines at the same time when you play the slot game. With a minimum line bet of $0.01, you can place a minimum wager of $0.50 per spin while playing Bubble Bubble 2. If you want to put down a larger wager for a chance to win bigger and better prize payouts, you can go up to $10.00 per line for a maximum wager amount of $500.00 per spin in Bubble Bubble 2. That's a huge betting range and it shows just how good Bubble Bubble 2 is for high rollers that want an interesting slot game to play.

Setting the Speed

From the moment that you start playing Bubble Bubble 2 you have different speed options that you can use to adjust just how fast or slow the reels turn. By turning the speed up or down you can adjust the spin animations of the slot and change the way that the slot feels overall. Turn the speed up to get through more rounds in less time, or turn it down and really savor every turn that you take in this slot.

Using Both of the Game's Wilds

When you play Bubble Bubble 2 there are actually two different sets of wilds that you can use to maximize your win potential. There are two different witches. Each of the witches show up on different reels, and they serve as 3x multipliers. The witches will take the place of all but the scatter symbols and they will help you trigger more wins as you play through one round to the next. If you manage to get one of the witches on the reels and complete a prize using that wild the prize is tripled in size. If you complete a prize using both of the witch symbols at the same time, you achieve a 9x multiplier to really maximize the value of that prize payout.

The Best Wins you Can Get

While playing Bubble Bubble 2 there are many different winning opportunities for you to take advantage of. It's up to you to make the most of these different opportunities to win as much money as possible. You can win up to 9,000 coins by getting a five of a kind involving a mix of bats and the two wilds, or cars and the two wilds. The next best win that you can unlock during the standard round comes from three of the owl symbols and the two wild witches. It's worth up to 2,700 coins, for a maximum value of $27,000 overall.

Winning Even More Using the Bonus Features

There are several different bonus features that you can unlock while playing Bubble Bubble 2. These special features help you unlock bigger and better prize payouts and help make the slot game more interesting overall. To trigger one of these different special features you need to get three or more scatter symbols from left to right. Do that and you'll unlock one of the three different special bonus rounds.

The Wilder Witches Bonus Feature

Wilder Witches is an exciting bonus feature that gives you 9 free spins as the base bonus, but also additional opportunities to win even more. During the feature you get 9 free spins and anytime one of the two witch wilds appears they will cast a spell causing witch wilds to show up on an additional reel as well. If both of the wild witches are already on the reels, they will cast a spell together to either make another wild show up in the center, grant you 33 additional free spins or do both.

The Greater Ghosts Bonus Feature

If you trigger the Greater Ghosts bonus feature, you'll enjoy a series of free spins where you have a chance to benefit from a barrage of wilds swarming the reels after a scatter win. As you go through one free spin after the next, you have a chance to trigger the Greater Ghosts bonus. Get a scatter win of any type and up to 9 ghost wilds will shoot all over the reels and help you unlock some exciting prize combinations.

The Ultra Bewitched Bonus Feature

In the Ultra Bewitched feature you get a total of 7 free spins and during each of those free spins you get at least one expanded wild. It's possible to get an expanded wild on the first reel, the last reel or both expanded wilds at the same time on any given spin. It's really common to unlock all sorts of prize paying combinations during this bonus feature.

Bubble Bubble 2 takes all the good features that the first slot game has to offer and expands on them to make them even bigger and better. There are so many different features that you can use to unlock solid prize payouts, and the jackpots available in Bubble Bubble 2 are impressive if you get lucky enough.