Crazy Vegas Slots

Take a trip right to downtown Vegas, or at least as close as you can get to the real thing online, with Crazy Vegas, an online slot game. This brightly colored and flashy slot is themed after Las Vegas. That means you have Elvis impersonators, you have stacks of cash, you have showgirls, you have magicians and you have much more. All the symbols are custom drawn and the game has a nice feel to it. Down below we do a complete overview of this slot game and all that it has to offer.

Wagering Options

In Crazy Vegas you have two different tools to work with to determine how much money you are wagering. First is the line selector that lets you choose how many paylines you are wagering on. This selector allows you to turn on between 1 and 20 paylines. The second tool is the line bet adjuster, that lets you go from $0.01 to $5.00 per line. With the right adjustments you can wager a low of $0.01 and a high of $100.00 per spin in this slot.

The Random Jackpot

Crazy Vegas has a random jackpot feature that you can trigger at any time while playing the slot game. As you spin the reels there is always a slight chance that you’ll unlock this high paying bonus and come away with all that cash. Just spin and at the end of your round you might be lucky enough to win.

High Paying Scatters

You can get some high paying scatter prizes from Crazy Vegas by getting three or more scatter symbols on your next spin while playing this slot. Do that to unlock between 5x and 100x your total wager amount in prize money. That’s a pretty significant win and could land you with up to $10,000 in prize money with a top wager placed during the round.

Fast Autoplay

Some slot games have a complicated autoplay feature where you choose the number of spins that you want the reels to go through as well as stop conditions for the game. Crazy Vegas has a much simpler system. Instead of doing all that, you just press Autoplay and the game continues to spin the reels until you either run out of money or you press Autoplay again to stop it. It’s as simple as that and the feature makes it easy to turn on the autospin function whenever you want it on.

Using the Stop Button

Like some other advanced slot games, Crazy Vegas features a stop button giving you more control over your spins. Press this button at any point during a spin and you’ll speed up the slot animations and stop the reels. This gives you more control over where the reels stop, and it allows you to speed up your spins as you play through one round to the next in Crazy Vegas.

The Free Spin Game

Landing three of the different colored free spin chips on the reels while playing Crazy Vegas will trigger the special free spin round of this game. To get things started a set of chips will appear letting you know how many spins you get and what multiplier you’re working with. The first two chip values let you know the total number of spins and the last value is your prize multiplier. From there you will start going through the free spins one after another.

Using the Big Bonus Game

On top of a free spin round, there is another special bonus game in Crazy Vegas. To get this you need to get the Big Bonus symbol on the first and last reels. Do that and you’ll spin a wheel with inner and outer values. Press the stop button to stop the outer wheel and start the inner wheel up. When you stop the wheel the inner and outer values are multiplied together to give you a total multiplier to be applied to your total wager amount.

Crazy Vegas is a nice looking and exciting slot game. It has a good blend of features that makes it interesting to play, and it comes packed with high paying prizes that could leave you with a fat stack of cash if you are lucky.