Derby Dollars Slots

Derby Dollars is an online slot game that's all about horse racing. If you're a fan of horse racing it's the perfect slot game for you. If you don't like horse racing, you should read through the rest of our review to see if this game is still right for you or not. Some gamblers really enjoy it, while others would rather play something else.

Betting Options

In Derby Dollars you have a good number of different betting limits that you can set the game to. Start off low with a wager around $0.01 per spin, or go big with a wager all the way up to $100.00 per spin. You adjust the wager settings with a total line count as well as a bet value per line. Choose those two figures to get the total amount of money that you want to wager with each spin of the reels.

Scatter Wins are Modest

Some slots come with high paying scatter wins, but things are a bit more modest when it comes to Derby Dollars. In this slot game you could win as much as 50x your total wager amount from scatters. If you manage to get all five scatter symbols on the reels you will win 50x your wager, or up to $5,000 in instant payout cash. That's a good win, but it's not the massive payout that some slot games offer the players.

Modest Fixed Payouts

Durnig the standard rounds of Derby Dollars the best possible win you can get is from five of the horse symbols that happen to be the wilds as well. Five horses will get you a 3,333 coin jackpot payout that you can enjoy. That's worth a decent amount of cash with a large wager, but again, not as big as some other slot games pay out. The next best payout comes from the woman symbol worth 2,000 coins for five, and finally the jockey is worth 1,000 coins for five. All the rest of the symbols pay far less.

You Could Randomly Win Big

In Derby Dollars there's always a slight chance for you to win a big prize payout, you just need the right amount of luck to do so. To make it happen you just need to keep spinning the reels. One lucky spin could leave you with the random progressive jackpot to enjoy. The jackpot pays out randomly at any given moment and can reward you handsomely. The jackpot is usually worth a couple thousand dollars, but it can grow to tens of thousands of dollars and it goes up with each spin that every player makes for the slot game. That means, you can build up quite a huge surplus of cash with this slot game with a bit of luck on your side.

Using the Autoplay Feature

Derby Dollars comes with a pretty simple autoplay feature that allows you to keep the reels spinning even if you don't press the spin button. Just press "AUTOPLAY" and choose the number of spins that you want to go through. That's all there is to it and you can very easily go through a few spins automatically or a large number of spins depending on the option that you choose. There is a stop button that you can press to quit the auto spin feature early as well.

Free Spin Mode

Getting three or more of the scatter symbols in Derby Dollars is the way to unlock the free spin bonus round. During this round you will enjoy between 5 and 25 free spins. Every win that you get during the round is tripled in size, which means you could win as much as 9,999 coins on a single spin.

Derby Dollars is a lower-paying slot game, but offers some decent payouts that make it exciting to play. Gamblers that enjoy frequent prize payouts and aren't worried about getting massive prize wins with each spin will love what this game has to offer. Give it a try for yourself and see what it's all about.