Dragon Orb Slots

Dragon Orb is a really beautifully designed online slot game with cutting-edge graphics, nice animations and some cool features as well. While we won’t say that this slot game is for you, there is a lot that we enjoy about Dragon Orb. To learn more about this beautiful Asian-inspired slot read through our review below and decide for yourself if it’s the type of slot that you want to play.

There are Just 10 Paylines

We were surprised by the minimal number of paylines when we first tested Dragon Orb. With just 10 lines to play on wagers are limited, and you unlock prize wins less frequently than some of the other slots that have 30 or more paylines. You can still enjoy a good range of wagering options though. Each line accepts a bet of between $0.01 and $10.00. You can switch lines on and off, which means you can effectively wager a minimum of $0.01 and a maximum of $100.00 per spin. that’s a pretty good range, and we were able to find a comfortable wager amount when playing the slot. Most gamblers should be able to play Dragon Orb comfortably, no matter what level wager they want to lay down.

An Expanding Wild

The Dargon Orb symbol is a powerful wild that appears on the central reels. This wild will expand to cover the entire reel when it shows up. You can potentially get three reels covered in wilds if you are lucky with where these wilds show up as you spin. This results in lots of different prize payouts at the same time usually.

Wild Re-Spins

Each time that you get an expanding wild on the reels of Dragon Orb, the other reels are locked in place and you get one additional re-spin with the wild in position. If you get another expanding wild on that spin both are locked in position and you get another re-spin. It’s possible to get up to three re-spins in that way and trigger a whole bunch of wins during those rounds. You get paid for each of the re-spins as well, making this feature very lucrative potentially.

Low Paying Symbols

The symbols in Dragon Orb pay out modest amounts, leaving you with smaller payouts than what’s offered in many other slot games. For instance, the highest paying symbol is worth just 250 coins when you get five of them on the reel. Compared to the thousands of coins offered by other symbols in other slots this is a tiny amount. The slot makes up for these small payouts by creating combinations of many winning combinations in a single spin if you’re lucky. While you’ll only unlock smaller wins, you could unlock many of them at the same time.

Watch for Progressive Jackpot Wins

On top of all the other features, there are progressive jackpot payouts that you can unlock as well. These jackpots are triggered at random, and give you a chance to unlock some really good prizes even with lower bets in position. When you spin the reels, you always have a chance to trigger the jackpot payouts, you just need some luck on your side.

Adjust the Speed to your Liking

There are three speed settings in Dragon Orb the online slot game, and it’s up to you to choose a speed level that you are most comfortable with. Just tap the speed button to change through the different speeds, and pick out the one that you like best. The slowest shows the full slot animation, and the fastest shows virtually none of the animation at all, allowing you to get through many spins each minute.

Play Through More Rounds Using Autoplay

If you’re a slot gambler that wants to go through hundreds of spins in a single play session, it can become tiresome pressing the spin button over and over again. That’s exactly why the Autoplay feature exists. You can easily tap this button and get the reels turning tens or hundreds of times without having to press spin again. You can even run the slot game and walk away from it while letting it go through all those spins if you like. That’s the power that the autoplay button gives you.

Even though Dragon Org doesn’t have any special bonus rounds, it still offers enough features to help you win frequently and to make it worthwhile to play this slot game. It’s a lot of fun and worth testing at least once.