Fame and Fortune Slots

If you think the rich and the famous always seem to have all the fun, you probably haven't taken the time to try out Fame and Fortune. This slot game gives you a look at the lives of famous actors and actresses, but gives you a chance to have some of the fun and maybe even come away with an impressive prize payout too.

It All Starts with a Bet

Fame and Fortune is an exciting online slot game, but the game begins with a simple wager, and that's the most important decision that you'll make while playing. There are 20 paylines, that can be turned on and off as you play. You can wager a low of $0.01 per line and a high of $5.00 per line. With these options available it is possible to wager a low of $0.01 per spin and a high of $100.00 per spin depending on what amount of money you are working with while playing Fame and Fortune. We were impressed by that range and like this slot game more because of its flexibility.

Use the Glamour Girl Wild for Big Wins

The Glamour Girl symbol is the wild in Fame and Fortune and a powerful tool to help you win prize payouts more consistently. She will take the position of all but the scatter symbol and help you unlock some pretty good payouts. This wild isn't just any ordinary wild though, it's a multiplier wild. Winning prize payouts with help from the Glamour Girl symbol will double the original payout value, giving you some of the best fixed prize payouts that you can get in the game.

High Paying Symbols to Watch for

The most generous symbol of all is the Hollywood Sign that's worth 2,500 on its own or 5,000 coins with help from the Glamour Girl. The next best is the classy car that's worth 1,500 coins on its own or 3,000 coins with the girl. Finally, there is the Oscar symbol that's worth 1,000 coins on its own or 2,000 coins with the Glamour Girl. These symbols are the best paying in the slot game and the ones to keep an eye out for while playing Fame and Fortune.

Playing the Fame and Fortune Bonus Game

In Fame and Fortune the Fame symbol and the Fortune symbol both serve as scatters. They can help you win more cash and leave you with 2x payouts quite frequently times your entire wager amount. These symbols are also a tool to help you trigger the free spin bonus round of this slot game. Get Fame on the first reel and Fortune on the last reel and you'll trigger a 10 free spin bonus round. Once the round begins you'll get to play through 10 spins that pay out very nicely. During the first five spins all your prize payouts are doubled in size. During the last five spins all the prize payouts are tripled in size. That means you could effectively win up to 15,000 coins from the Hollywood Signs symbol with help of the Glamour girl for a seriously good prize payout from this slot game.

Win More with the Random Jackpot

Spin the reels again and again in Fame and Fortune to try and win even more cash from this slot game with the random progressive jackpot. This high paying feature can trigger at any time as you play the game and you don't need special symbols to unlock it. You could come away with thousands of dollars in cash straight to your account, and you'll never have any idea that you're about to win. That's what makes the feature so exciting to make use of.

Overall there is a lot to like about Fame and Fortune. The slot looks a bit dated and doesn't have exciting sounds or animations, but it does offer good solid features. You'll find yourself hoping for the bonus round to trigger every time that you play. With this slot you have a lot to look forward to as you play, so keep spinning the reels and hope for the best, who knows what you could win.