Food Fight Slots

Get ready for one of the most epic food fights of your life with Food Fight the online slot game! This slot has a pretty generic look to it, but adds in some very interesting features that make it worth playing at least once. We did a full review of the slot game and were mostly impressed by what it offers. Read through the review below to learn what you can expect from Food Fight.

Basic Wagering

You have decent wagering options available to you with this slot game, but it’s designed to be simple to place your bet. Start by selecting a coin value between $0.01 and $5.00. Once you have your coin set, choose how many lines you want to wager on between 1 and 9. Finally, set how many coins that you want to wager per line. This can be as many as 5 coins, giving you a maximum wager amount of $225 with each spin. Food Fight takes these three different wager options and gives players the ability to wager a low of $0.01 per spin and a high of $225.00 per spin. That’s a good range to work with for just about any gambler.

Bet Lower for the Best Jackpots

Odd enough, massive bets aren’t the right way to play Food Fight. Instead, you don’t want to wager with coins any larger than $0.50 each if you want a chance at winning the progressive jackpot. Wagering with larger coins than that will reward you with a fixed jackpot that’s worth far less money when you get the progressive trigger. I’s possible to win hundreds of thousands of dollars with a smaller wager in Food Fight, but to do that you need to get five of the pudding symbols and wager the right amount. Wager with the $0.50 coins or less and you’ll win a portion of the progressive jackpot. Different coin values come with different jackpot payouts, so look at each option before deciding what you want to play with overall.

Try for the Ice Cream Bonus

Food Fight is such an interesting slot game because of the unique features that it offers. To trigger any of these features you need to get food ingredient combinations that come together to make the whole food item. The ice cream bonus requires a cone, a vanilla scoop of ice cream and a chocolate scoop of ice cream. Get those three symbols and you could win as much as 405 coins, which is a decent prize payout.

The Food Fight Bonus

In this slot you have a chance to toss pies at victims. To trigger the game you need to get a pie shell, pie filling and a cherry symbol. Do that and you’ll start this special round. During the round you throw pies at victims and some will give you payouts. Each time you get a payout you get to pick another person to throw pies at in hopes of another payout. It’s possible to win as much as 3960 coins in this bonus round, which is pretty good as well.

Food Fight is a pretty generic looking slot game, but the special bonus games make it fun to play, even if the prize payouts aren’t that large. If you play for fixed wins you won’t walk away with more than $20,000 on a single spin, but you could win several different smaller prizes. If you play at a lower level you could win hundreds of thousands of dollars from the progressive jackpot feature, just make sure you play at a level you’re comfortable with and you should have some fun with this slot.