Frog Fortunes Slots

There are literally hundreds of different slot games available to choose from today, which can make finding the perfect slot for you difficult. When we first encountered Frog Fortunes, we were intrigued by the bomb system it uses. That's why we did this review initially, but there were some other surprises we came across when testing it. Read through our complete review to see if the game is worth playing and what features stand out most overall.

Made with Quality Software

The quality of the development company determines how good a game will be as well. That's why we were happy to see that this game is a creation from Realtime Gaming. This company is one of the most well-known around today and is known for making good games. It's no wonder that this slot is enjoyable to play for this reason.

A Simple Modern Slot Game

Frog Fortunes has a decidedly modern feel to it, thanks to cluster pay and unique bonus features. It does have the simplicity of classic slot games, but that's where the similarities end. This game has loads of modern features that will have you excited to play.

Ancient and Mysterious

Ancient symbols, a lush forest setting, and lots of animations make this slot interesting to play with and make it appealing for new gamblers that want a nice-looking game to try. It's not clear what the theme of the game is, but you'll feel as if you're uncovering a mystery as you play.

Cluster Pay System

There are no paylines in this game. Instead, a cluster system is used. There are 243 possible winning combinations you can trigger each round. The wins are in a range of shapes, which will keep you guessing and make you feel surprised each time you turn the reels while playing this game.

Easy Wagering

Placing wagers is fast and easy in this slot because you use a single set of plus and minus symbols to adjust the settings. That's simple enough for even the newest players and something that every gambler can enjoy. The downside to this game is that there isn't a good range of wagers to work with. Instead, you choose between a low of $0.25 and a high of just $6.25. That's not high enough for a large portion of gamblers and will keep them from enjoying the game at all.

Two Step Autoplay

This slot has autoplay, and it's simple to use. You activate it in two steps. Select the autoplay button to the right of the normal spin option, and select the number of spins. Choose between five and 100 spins, and the game will do the rest of the work for you.

A Low Value Paytable

All the wins on the Frog Fortunes paytable are small in size. Fortunately, they occur in small clusters of symbols, and thanks to the bonus features of this game, you should be getting wins frequently as you play this game. Instead of getting big payouts occasionally, you'll enjoy lots of tiny prize wins as you play.

Special Exploding Symbols

There is a bomb symbol that randomly drops into different positions on the reels of this slot. This symbol erupts into random patterned explosions and converts all the symbols in its blast radius into one randomly selected symbol. This special feature results in wins frequently and can affect as few as two symbols and as many as seven. You'll begin looking forward to the explosions as you turn the reels of this slot game.

Explosions Trigger Cascades

After an exploding symbol goes off, there's a good chance a winning symbol combination will occur. When this happens, the winning symbols are removed from the slot, and new symbols cascade down to fill in the gap created. This special cascading symbol feature results in additional winning combinations and helps players get even more value out of their exploding symbols. The spin button is deactivated during this feature, and you must wait until the end to keep going.

Try the Game Free

This slot, like most RTG creations, is free to play if you want to test it. You simply choose Demo mode, and the game gives you a play money balance you can wager with. The features are the same no matter which version of the game you play, but in Demo mode, you won't win or lose actual money. Try it out first, and then swap to real money play when you're ready.

Play For Real Prizes

To play for prizes worth real money, you need a casino account that's funded. Sign in and select the game. Play it in the regular mode, and you'll be wagering your own money. It only takes a second to switch from Demo mode to Real mode, and then you're risking money.

Small Chain Wins

Chain wins are common with this slot, and you'll be trying for lots of tiny payouts when you play here. That's good news for the players that like winning often and that isn't so concerned with getting big wins. If you like unlocking frequent prize payouts, you'll enjoy the features of this game as you play with them.

Unimpressive RTP

This slot has an RTP value of less than 93%, which means you'll lose more money playing it on average than you would with most other slot games. It's entertaining, but the fun factor of this game may not be enough to make up for the low value it offers its players. We recommend gamblers looking for good wins to try other games instead.

Works on Mobile

This game is built to run on most mobile devices, making it convenient to play for gamblers that enjoy flexibility. If you would like to enjoy the game in any room of your home, simply load it on your smartphone and take it with you. The slot works the same no matter which device you play it on, and it's designed to run smoothly as well. Test it free in Demo Mode on a tablet or smartphone and see for yourself.

Rating the Game

We decided to rate this a 3.2 out of 5.0 stars after doing a full review of it and testing its features. We had fun with the bomb feature and loved getting combinations of wins with the cascading symbols. With that said, the game offers a poor RTP value and small prize payouts. It just isn't right for many players, and we couldn't rate it too high because of its shortcomings.

Finding the perfect slot game isn't easy, and this one isn't it. With that said, some gamblers will love Frog Fortunes and want to keep playing it after a test session. If you like winning regularly and are looking for some cool features you won't see on many other slots; this game is a good option.