Funkey Monkey Slots

We know that monkeys aren't supposed to play instruments, but that doesn't stop us from thoroughly enjoying Funky Monkey, the online slot game. In this game, there's a group of monkeys that play instruments and they have a hot band that's playing concerts all over. This band of monkey musicians can help unlock some very exciting prize payouts for you, or it can lead you to some serious losses. It's up to you to spin the reels and unlock some of these better wins for yourself. We were impressed with the theme of the slot game, but it wasn't until we gave the game a test that we realized it was a keeper. Find out why that is down below or give the slot game a try for yourself to learn what it has to offer you.

Bet to Start the Jam Session

Before you can turn the reels and enjoy all the bright sounds and brilliant audio tracks of this slot game, you need to wager some cash. You can wager a low of $0.01 per spin and $100.00 per spin depending on how many lines you choose to wager on and how much you bet per line. Wager closer to the maximum amount to win as much cash as possible for every spin that you complete in this slot game.

Modest Prize Payouts

Funky Monkey has some pretty modest prize payouts compared to other slot games that you can play today. When you spin the reels the best win that you can get during the standard round is just 2,000 coins. The next best is 1,500 coins. Neither of these wins is going to make you rich, even if you have the maximum wager in place when you unlock them. That's why it's so fortunate that this slot game has a high paying free spin bonus round for you to use as well.

Win Big with the Scatters

The guitar is the scatter symbol in this slot and a tool to help you win as much cash as possible. You can win up to 100x your total wager amount with scatters in Funky Monkey. That's a value of up to $10,000 on a single spin, worth the same amount as the top fixed jackpot that you can get from the Elvis Impersonator monkey.

A Groovy Free Spin Bonus

Land Funky on the first reel and Monkey on the final reel and you'll trigger this thrilling bonus round. Select your monkey to play a solo to the audience and the total applause determines what happens to you. It's possible to get up to 25 free games during this round, giving you a chance to win some very good prizes from this slot game. During the free games you start off with a 1x multiplier, but you can get up to a 10x multiplier per spin. Both Funky and Monkey symbols appear on the reels and act as wilds during this round. These symbols will help you get some pretty substantial wins, and each time you get a Funky or Monkey symbol the multiplier goes up one.

Funky Monkey is fun and exciting and certainly a slot game worth testing out at least once. If you want to try a slot that keeps you guessing and offers you high paying prizes that you'll love trying to unlock, give this game a try. It rewards players handsomely and makes it worthwhile to try the game again and again. The best wins come from the bonus round of this slot game, so try and play until you unlock one or more bonuses.