Glitz and Glamour Slots

Designed after the glamourous period of the 1920’s when flappers were common, and when it was customary to dress up before leaving the house, Glitz and Glamour is a fun slot game that examines a time long past. The slot game features corded rotary telephones, it comes with tea cups, newspapers, glitzy gaps, stacks of cash and other unique symbols that all suggest a glamorous life from a long time ago. While we like the look of the slot game, we were more interested in seeing what sort of features the game has to offer. That’s why we put together a full review of the slot game down below. Keep reading to find out exactly what you can expect from this slot.

Multiplier Wilds for Bigger Wins

There are two different types of wilds in this online slot game that can help you walk away with even more generous prize payouts than what you could get normally for a prize win. One of the wilds offers a 2x multiplier, and the other offers a 3x multiplier. That’s why when you do win some sort of prize payout from Glitz and Glamour, you want the winning combination to include one of the two wilds. It’s the only way for you to unlock the highest payouts during the base rounds of this slot game. The lady wild awards the lucrative 3x multiplier and the man offers a 2x multiplier, and if you manage to get both of those wilds in a winning combination together, you will enjoy a massive 6x multiplier times your standard win.

Good Wagering Options

Glitz and Glamour is designed carefully to maximize wagering options for any players taking part in the slot game. When you play this slot you have the option of wagering on between 1 and 25 paylines with each spin that you complete. Not only can you wager on such a wide range of line amounts when you play, but you can place down a range of bets on each of those lines as well. At the low end you can risk just $0.01 per line, and at the high end you can risk $5.00 per line. That means that you can wager a low of $0.01 and a high of $125.00 per spin of the reels. This is a good range for everyone involved with the slot, and there aren’t too many people that are going to be upset with the wagering options that they have available to them when they play the slot.

Big Winning Opportunities

You can achieve some pretty impressive prize payouts while playing Glitz and Glamour. By getting a combination including the man and woman wilds as well as shoe symbols, you can win up to 12,000 coins, which is worth up to $60,000 with a maximum wager in place on the line that you win on. That’s a huge amount of cash and something to get very excited about as you play the slot game. There are some other decent wins that you can unlock while you play the slot as well, but all of them include the man and woman wilds during the base game of this slot.

The Free Spin Bonus Round

If you are lucky enough to get three or more of the blue car scatter symbols, you take the slot from the base game to the free spin bonus round. During that special round any wins that you get are tripled in size. That means that maximum $60,000 jackpot payout you could get during the standard rounds of this slot, is now worth up to $180,000 during the bonus round. That’s the biggest win you can get, and it’s a very exciting payout to anyone that’s serious about gambling with the slot game.

Random Jackpots

While playing this slot you’ll have a chance to win one of two different progressive jackpots every single time you spin the reels. Spin the reels and if you are just a bit lucky, you could win the Minor or the Major jackpots. The minor is worth hundreds of dollars and the major jackpot is worth thousands of dollars. These jackpots go up in value every single time you and the other players spin the reels until someone eventually wins one of them. As you play the slot, you’ll never know when a win is coming and what you can expect from the slot game overall.

Glitz and Glamour is an excellent online slot game with plenty of features and a nice look as well. We recommend the game to anyone that’s fond of past times and culture that’s long past. We also recommend the slot game to anyone that wants to win big, as long as that player is willing to bet big.