Goldbeard Slots

Goldbeard is an online slot game themed after prizes and the pirate lifestyle. It's set on an abandoned island out in the middle of the ocean, and you have a collection of very pirate-like symbols to try and unlock cash payouts with. There are golden doubloons, a cannon, treasure chests, a pirate ship, Goldbeard himself and of course a parrot. All these different symbols create the complete pirate theme in slot form, and will make you feel like part of the evil pirate crew from the first time that you spin the reels. Hope to see Goldbeard out on the reels as often as possible and you could be in for some good wins along the way.

Small or Large Wagers are Possible

The minute that you begin playing Goldbeard you are going to be responsible for the wager amount that you are working with. You can go small and really conserve your cash with a wager as low as $0.03 per line, or you can go big with a wager as high as $10.00 per line. You're free to play on between 1 and 20 lines for each spin of the reels. That means you can effectively wager between $0.03 a d $20.00 per spin. That's a big range to work within and it means that you can play at a high or lo w level depending on what you are comfortable with.

Randomly Hit it Big

Being a pirate is all about looking for random treasure and trying to hit it big by getting lucky enough to get your hands on some serious loot. When you play Goldbeard you have a chance of winning tens of thousands of dollars, even with small wagers in place. This is because of the progressive jackpot system tat's worked into the slot. The jackpot is worth tens of thousands of dollars, and you just need one lucky spin to win all the cash. Every player experiencing Goldbeard pays a bit of cash towards the ultimate prize payout, and you can collect it all with one lucky spin.

Spin Faster with Turbo Play

The Turbo Play feature allows you to get through spins in Goldbeard faster and more efficiently. Turn this feature on and you'll go through your rounds almost instantly. This makes it possible to keep spinning the reels as fast as you can press the spin button. You could effectively go through dozens of rounds in a single minute, which means you can play as many rounds as you like in a short time. If that isn't enough, there is also an autoplay feature that you can use to keep the reels turning even without you there to press the spin button. This is ideal for gamblers that want to play through many rounds without necessarily pressing spin each time.

Free Spins

If you can Goldbeard on the first and last reels, you will get between 2 and 4 free games per wild that's on the reels at the time that you trigger the round. It's possible to get up to 24 free spins in all. During those free spins every win that you get is tripled in size. It's possible to get some very impressive wins from this bonus round, allowing you to win up to 15,000 coins from a single spin. You can also unlock additional free spins during the round if you manage to get a Goldbeard symbol on the first and last reels once again.

Goldbeard is a cool pirate slot with some nice symbols and even better bonus rounds. We really like that the wild will double any wins that you get and can unlock some impressive prize payouts even during the base round of the game. Things get even better for the slot game when you move to the bonus round where wins are tripled.