Golden Retriever Slots

Looking for a fun and cartoony slot game about dogs? Golden Retriever could be the slot game for you. This slot features a golden retriever that looks as if he is actually made of gold. There’s also the girl dog that’s a likely love interest for the golden retriever and a whole bunch of dog toys, bowls and other symbols that give the game it’s unique and quirky feel. This slot game packs in features that you would expect from a modern-day video slot, and it’s a lot of fun to play. We did a full review of the slot game below, and we were quite impressed by what it had to offer.

Wild Golden Retrievers Will Help Your Wins

Get one or more of the wild golden retrievers in your prize-winning combination and the payout is immediately doubled. The wild is a powerful tool that you’ll come to rely on frequently. With help from the wild you could win up to 5,000 coins on a single spin when playing Golden Retriever. That’s a whole lot of cash and is certainly something worth celebrating.

Enjoy a Wide Betting Range

Wagering is the most important step to take when getting started with a new slot game and will determine what sort of prize wins you can expect from the game as well. If you place a large wager, ($100 is the maximum for Golden Retriever) you will win more money on any particular prize. If you place a small wager ($0.01 is the minimum on Golden Retriever) you’ll make your bankroll last much longer, but your wins will be considerably smaller. Choose your wager amount carefully by adjusting the lines you’re wagering on and the wager per line for best results when playing this slot game.

Unlock the Free Spin Bonus Round

There is a pretty nice free spin round in Golden Retriever that you can activate by getting three or more scatter symbols as you play. Get enough scatters and you’ll immediately get 10 free spins where all your wins are placed into a prize pool. The bigger this is the better things will be once you make it to the Golden Retriever feature.

The Golden Retriever Feature

After you go through your 10 free spins, the Golden Retriever will go out into the backyard and dig up a bone. The bone will say 2x, up to 20x on it and this multiplier is applied to all the prize winnings that you got during the entire free spin round. With some luck you could come away with a huge prize payout from this very nice feature.

Golden Retriever might look a bit silly on the surface, but it’s a slot game with some nice features and it’s actually a lot of fun to play. Give it a try if you want a shot at winning some huge prizes. Even if you don’t care to win massive prize payouts, this slot is a whole lot of fun to play.