Halloween Treasures Slots

There are zero prizes available for guessing the theme in Halloween Treasures. However, there are prizes during the game itself, so let's see how you might be able to play for those. When Halloween night falls this year, could you end up being ready for some action on this set of reels as part of your celebrations?

Expect an All Ways slot to load when you play

The five-reel game offers three rows of icons, which means you have 243 ways in evidence if you play.

A single wager is required per spin

There are several progressive jackpots in the game, so you must consider whether you wish to bet the basic and forego a chance to get one of those, or whether you would rather increase your wager to include one or more.

There are two wilds and a scatter to find

The haunted house is wild and is limited to reels two through four. There's a grave available too, offering a 5x multiplier but only arriving on reel three. The game also has a scattered crystal ball to search for.

How to unlock some free spins in the Halloween Treasures slot

The game offers you the chance to score 12 of those if you can find three crystal balls in a spin. You can trigger more by finding another three during a free game. You can also watch for both wilds to turn up during these games, so they're good to find if you can.

Will you play the basic slot or go for the jackpot version?

Halloween Treasures does offer multiple progressive prizes for players to go for. However, as we noted earlier, playing for one or more of those does require you to bet more on each spin. If you're all set to do that, despite the odds being against winning one of those pots, make sure you know how that might affect your budget.

We played it as a basic slot, as it still gave us access to everything else in Halloween Treasures, only excluding the jackpots from the experience. We loved it from that point of view, so see whether you agree. There's a demo, as always, so that's the best way to begin.