IRIS 3000 Slots

Welcome to a very special experience which is introduced to you by the wonderful game developer of RTG. The wonderful opportunity is a nice themed IRIS 3000 slot machine which comes with great opportunities, bonuses and progressive jackpot. Your wonderful opportunity is also full of wonderful symbols and great quality features. Great atmosphere of the game will make your experience unforgettable and you will enjoy discovering all the great bonuses of the game. The wonderful creators invested best of their imagination to get you the most wonderful emotions out there. Interesting solutions, great colors and flexible features are all here for your perfect experience. You will love discovering your opportunities here and will definitely appreciate your wonderful payouts which are rather endless in here. Enjoy!

Theme and Symbols

IRIS stands for Interactive Real Intelligence Slot. This means you can expect to in a nuclear submarine themed game which has all it takes to pass you the right mood and take you to the interesting wold where you will be set to find all of your wonderful rewards and opportunities. The wonderful symbols of the game include: Yellow Nuclear Logos, Green Nuclear Logos, Flames, Yellow Warning Triangles, Single Gold Bars, Double Gold Bars and Triple Gold Bars. You also have the wonderful wild and scattered symbols in here and hence you will be getting the great bonus features and opportunities which will make your game play even more fun and generous. Join in for the wonderful adventure and great items and themes you may have never seen before. Enjoy!


This is a very interesting opportunity which comes with wonderful and creative 7 reels and one single pay line. The great solution by the creators offers you choosing the 5 reels you may wish from the available 7 reels and you can start enjoying your wonderful opportunity from there on. The betting options are even more flexible and fun. Here you can choose to wager from just $0.50 to $1.50 on each of your spin. Meanwhile you are welcome to place higher best as you go ahead and credit your account with more deposits. In here you can use your maximum amount of $100 per spin options which will allow you become available to hit the hottest payouts of the game. In addition, if you go for higher amounts, you will be able to get great bonus features which will pay you out in even more generous amounts. So join in and make sure you make the most of the simple and flexible game play in here.


So by now you already guessed that you will be in here in a run with a very special and unique opportunity. The wonderful features will keep surprising you as you get to the sweet part of the game of landing your bonus combinations. Here you have wonderful bonus features which will be there to entertain you. In the great lucky case you manage to trigger this great bonus feature you will be offered to choose from the mysterious 7 doors which will appear on your screen. You will even have the chance to get to the point where you get to open all of the doors and receive the wonderful amounts that will be behind them. In addition you will have the opportunity to hit the great multipliers of the game which can be up to 10x of your win. So join in the fun and start hitting the hot bonuses. Enjoy!


The game also features a very interesting and generous growing amount which you will have all the chances to hit as you simply enjoy this wonderful slot machine on. The key symbol here to watch out in here is the radiation symbol. As you manage to land 5 of these wonderful symbols in addition to triggering 10x multipliers you will have the chance to become the lucky owner of this wonderful progressive jackpot which will definitely be above $150.000. You can agree that this is pretty exciting so simply go on spinning the great reels and get ready for your top rewards in here. Good luck!