Lions Lair Slots

Want to join the wonderful and sweet adventure of Lion’s Lair Slots? You have the best opportunities here which are all brought to you by the wonderful game developer RTG. You will have the chance to go for a very nice and fun mission to unite the sweet character of the game. You will probably recognize the great and powerful characters of the game and will have the chance to become an important part of the game. As you enjoy great quality and beautiful theme of the slot game, amazing rewards and wonderful payouts will come on your way. You can start enjoying the smooth spins of your reels and challenge yourself to land wining combinations with the thematic symbols and charming characters of the game. Great bonuses are there to make your experience fun and even more exciting. So join in the story and make it complete.

Theme and Symbols

The theme of the game will take you to the jungle world where you can expect to meet all the wonderful and typical characters. You will also be entertained by the most symbolic items one may find in beautiful jungles. You can look for symbols such as paw prints which might lead you to your lovely and powerful Leon, and his favorite food Zebras. Dad Leo can be very rewarding once you are able to find him on your reels. You will be treated by the king with amazing bonuses. Great wild lions and amazing bonus features will unlock amazing world of opportunities for you so having fun playing with the characters is not only entertaining but is also very beneficial and rewarding.


Playing the game is very simple and easy. Once you are there and decided to visit the powerful Leo Kong, you will get into the great adventure very smoothly. You should only know that the game has a nice 5 x 3 reel grid which comes with great 20 pay lines. Of course you are welcome to choose from very nice and convenient betting values in here which can start from just 0.01 coins. In addition you can go ahead and keep your bets higher to up to 5 and play on all the lines which are available in the game. This is even a better idea, as you may wish to aim at the top payouts and amazing bonus features of the game. The payouts are insane here and depending which symbols you manage to land in a winning combination, you may hit the wonderful amount of top reward which can be worth up to 3,750 coins.


In order to make your adventure even more exciting and fun, you will be having some of the most amazing and rewarding bonus features and symbols to discover in here. You will have the wild lions, as already promised. In addition to helping you make a winning combination on your active lines, the amazing wild symbol of the game will also get you doubled payouts so you are going to love this wonderful bonus symbol. The game's other bonus symbol is the Lion's Lair Symbol which is your scattered. This symbol is especially beneficial as you will have the chance to experience all the wonderful benefits and super exciting payouts that this symbol may bring to you. Depending on how much you initially bet and how many of them you manage to land, you will have the chance to experience amazing multipliers and free spins. You can have up to 12 free games which can get you amazing up to 5 time of your payout. So keep an eye on the great bonus features of the game and aim at hitting the top opportunities.


The wonderful slot game also features an amazing progressive jackpot. This wonderful amount constantly increases and can be awarded to you randomly. This means you don’t really have to do anything special to get this wonderful amount all for yourself. You simply need to play on and look forwards to becoming the luckiest player of the day!