Prince of Sherwood Slots

Who doesn’t know the beautiful and adventurous story of Robin Hood? The great slot game of Prince of Sherwood by RTG is all about the beautiful story and the amazing characters the authors are telling us about. You will be meeting the great characters and will have the chance to join the Prince for his adventures through the most famous forests. On your way you will have the amazing adventures to go through and you will get to collect loads of treasure as well. The wonderful opportunities of the game are more than generous and endless. You will start collecting the winning combinations and will get to enjoy the wonderful bonuses that this game has for you. In addition there is the progressive jackpot to make your game play unique and very interesting. You have it all so give it a go and start your adventure.

Theme and Symbols

As promised you will be meeting all the wonderful characters of the amazing story of Robin Hood. He is the prince you will be joining and he is the one who will help you find your top payout and treasures of the game. You will also have the chance to deal with the most iconic symbols out there. The great and generous symbols of the game include Robin Hood (which is also your wild symbol), Castle (your wonderful and generous scatter symbol), Archery Board (another great bonus symbol), Knight, Maid Marian, Gold Coins, Bow & Arrow and Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Nine symbols. All the quality and nicely made symbols of the game are animated with incredible sound effects to make you experience complete. As you start landing your great winning combinations, you will also get to feel the great rewards and generosity of the game. Enjoy!


Prince of Sherwood is your next favorite themed game which comes with 5 reels and 20 pay lines. The lines of your game are adjustable so you are more than welcome to decide on how many of them you wish to use for each of your spin. In here you also have nice betting options you can choose to use. You have great options as $0.01, $0.02, $0.03, $0.04, $0.05, $0.06, $0.07, $0.08, $0.09, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2.50 and $5 per line. Here you can go ahead and keep your bets at the maximum amount and use all of your available lines. In this case you can use the maximum bet option of $100. In addition, you will also have the wonderful feature of auto spin which will make your game play even more convenient. You can set the number of spins you wish to make and the amount you wish to bet on each of them. Then use can use the feature to just simply watch all the spins happening without even making any further effort.

Bonuses and Payouts

When it comes to exploring your extra win opportunities, it will make a whole new world of adventures and excitement for you. Here you have loads of features and bonus games to make use of. The wild symbol is more than generous when it comes to payouts. At the same time your scattered symbol will be there to get you a nice reward in form of incredible free spins and generous multipliers. Here you will have the chance to trigger up to 100 items of your initial bet while having the opportunity of hitting up to 25 free spins. The top payouts of the game are 5000 coins while you can have the chance to make use of doubled payouts when you manage to land a winning combination with your wild symbol. Overall there is so much more to explore in this adventurous world so the advice is not losing any more time and start exploring now!


And what could possibly make your great gaming experience even more complete? Of course, your most favorite progressive jackpot. This great amount keeps growing with each new player and the owner can be just one lucky player. The lucky one can be you this time as the amount is awarded randomly and everyone has equal chances to own the sweet amount. So join in and be ready for some sweet treatments as you play on!