Rudolph's Revenge Slots

Rudolph's Revenge is another creative solution by brilliant RTG for all the fans of Christmas-themed slot games. This is a world of magic and colors. Meanwhile you will be having some nice and charismatic characters to entertain you and bring you a super interesting story to enjoy. You of course will be welcome to join the story and have a great time with the characters of the game. The wonderful part of the game is not only the quality graphic and interesting solutions by the creators, but also the nice and generous rewards you will be having in here. Loads of bonuses and progressive jackpot will be waiting for you. As you join in the great slot adventure you will see how nice and easy it is to play this great slot game and you will need to only enjoy every and each spin you will be making in here.

Theme and Symbols

The great slot game is there to pass you a good and quality Christmas story with interesting characters that will be there to entertain you. In the middle of the great story is of course the Rudolph who is there sharing some of the trues payouts out there, you will have some nice featuring icons to inspire you to become a part of the story while the bonus symbols will be there to trigger all great entertaining symbols to keep your game play always interesting and fun. This is a slot game which not only entertains the players but also rewards them nicely so you will enjoy every single bit of this great opportunity.


Rudolph's Revenge is a nicely made 50 pay line, 5 Reel Progressive Jackpot Video Slot Game. You can choose the number of lines you wish to play in here in addition to choosing the amounts you wish to place on each of your spins in here. The top fixed jackpot can be worth 5000 coin jackpot and so placing top bets while using up all of your available lines can be a nice and wide choice in here. You will be able to wager $2 on each of your spin and go up to wager up to $100 which is your maximum amount in here. You can be sure that placing these bets and giving them a go is always nice and easy and playing this great slot game can be always easy.


The game comes with the great wild symbol of Rudolph with his baseball bat. And then you will have the scatter symbol of this game which the bombs symbol. The great and generous scattered symbol will get you great free spins you will enjoy in here. In addition there are some great multipliers to enjoy. They are nice and sweet which will make your experience nice and perfect. You will have the chance to hit up to 20x multipliers and receive up to 7 free spins in this game. There are so many more advantages to have in here and all you will need to do is to simply join in and enjoy the great story. Wonderful opportunities will keep coming right to you as you enjoy the wonderful game and spin your great reels.


The game also features a nice and sweet Progressive jackpot. This great amount keeps growing all the time. As you play on, you can be pleasantly surprised by this great amount and enjoy the super extra sweet amount simply coming to your hands just like that. Great opportunity keep coming all the time so make sure you don't miss any of those as you join in and keep coming back in here. Enjoy and good luck!