Secret Symbol Slots

Welcome to the magical world of Secret Symbol Slots in this mega-hit game. Secret Symbol Slots is an exciting and highly addictive game and the graphics are to die for. Experience a completely new world in the Aztec Jungle where danger is all around you.

Your quest begins in the Aztec Jungle searching for Temple Relics and Idols but beware there is danger lurking in the depths of the jungle. You will find numerous obstacles in your path and this includes one obstacle in the form of the fearsome Aztec Chief. Enter the dense, dark jungle with its huge foliage and frightening shadows. Discover a wonderful new and exciting world but beware because there is danger lurking in the depths of the jungle. Your quest begins in the Aztec Jungle searching for Temple Relics and Idols. Look out for the Aztec Chief as he is out to stop you on your quest.

Wander in the depth of the jungle and discover a wonderful new and exciting world among the jungle foliage. Be prepared to enter a vibrant and adventurous game as you explore the ancient temple. Enjoy your favourite game as you experience the depths of the jungle in Secret Symbol Slots. Get ready to immerse yourself in a vibrant and adventurous game as you explore the ancient temple. On the way through the treacherous path, collect coins and bonus features. Can you conquer this Aztec Jungle Adventure under the watchful eyes of the Aztec Chief?

These slots can be played on your mobile phone, on your tablet or on your laptop. They are so much fun to play and can be played for fun money as well as for real money. You can practise playing Secret Symbol Slots for fun money before you wager your cash for real money. The when you feel confident enough, you can switch to real money.

Join in the jungle fun whether you are a beginner or an advanced slot player with 25 pay lines over 5 reels. Yes you actually have 25 possibilities of winning when you play 5 reels! It is exciting playing Secret Symbol Slots because you can actually bet as little or as much as you like. Betting ranges from 1 cent to $1 and you can select the number of coins and the number of pay lines you wish to play with. If you like winning big then Secret Symbol Slots is the game for you as this is a high volatility slot as long as you are ready to run and hide and chase your way through the jungle to get you big winnings. So get started and make your way through the treacherous path through the jungle……look out for the obstacles!

There are a number of free games hidden in the Aztec Jungle waiting to be found. When you reveal 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, you will trigger a number of Secret Symbol Features. This will then trigger the feature symbol and reward you with 10 free games. Apart from these free games, a Secret Symbol Multiplier can appear above the reels at the end of each game, multiplying your win up to 20 times! This makes the game more and more exciting to play.

The game centres around looking for secret coins and treasure while trying to avoid the dangers around. One of the biggest dangers is the indominable Aztec Chief. So come on, have the time of your life and start playing Secret Symbol Slots today. Try your hand at trying to hit and find the coins and treasures hidden deep in the jungle depths. The Secret Symbol Multiplier is triggered when you reveal 3 scatter symbols or more. This will then trigger the feature and reward you 20 times your winnings. There are lots and lots of chances to win big while having a good time in the undergrowth of the Aztec Jungle. This is definitely a game to be reckoned with and with its great graphics you will be entranced with our jungle world. Once playing you will be awed at how easy it is to win and also by the amount of your winnings especially as you discover the Secret Symbol Multiplier.

The free games of Secret Symbols Slots are easy to trigger and these will make the game go on for longer as well as winning you a nice pile of winnings. Take a glimpse into the wonderful magical world of the Aztec Jungle. Take part in an adventure in this colourful jungle world where you can experience an exciting and adventurous world, and where you can increase your possibilities of winning in the Random Progressive Jackpot. Hunt for the hidden treasure and discover free games when you play Secret Symbol Slots. The fun goes on and on. Now is the right time to play!