Sevens and Stripes Slots

For all those who love and appreciate American history and symbols, Sevens and Stripes slot machine by RTG (Real Time Gaming Software) is the one to go for. Here you will find some of the most symbolic items of American history. Everything is made in a nice and glowing way featuring the signature red and blue colors everywhere. Traditional classic lucky 7s are everywhere getting you a true land of opportunities as you play this slot game. The game play of the slot machine is kept basic and traditional with very minimal features. In addition to a great looking theme, you will also find some wonderful ways to enjoy very beneficial gameplay and some hot jackpots this fantastic game has to offer. Wait no more, join the fun and enjoy the great wins.

Theme and Symbols

Symbolic items of American history are everywhere in this slot machine. You will find some of the most known items as well as other retro symbols which are here to tell you all about the history and culture of America. In addition, you will get to see some traditional slot gaming symbols in this game and will get to have a great time landing those special winning combinations. You will be dealing with 3 different colors of 7s and 3 different types of bars. The graphics are made in a modern style which also gives you the opportunity to explore your options and ways of playing super easily. The texts are large and simple to follow in addition to being very interestingly designed. RTG kept the minimalist approach and never saved efforts in making this a quality and interesting experience to enjoy. So have a great time exploring the game.


As promised, the game play of the slot machine is rather traditional and classic featuring 1 single pay line and simple 3 reels. You can also choose to bet from 1 to 3 coins on a single spin of your retro looking reels. The top payouts come to the bravest ones out there who go for the top bets meanwhile the game can also be very generous to you if you decide to play for less. Betting 3 coins will get you the great opportunity to hit a jackpot worth 4800 coins while 1 coin bet will take you to the chance to hit 2400 coins. There will be no difficulties for new players of this lot game to find the betting options on the screen as everything is lined up nicely and smoothly right there once you load the game. You can enjoy the perfect opportunity on the desktop mode as mobile versions are not supported for this slot. So enjoy the great chances of hitting some truly generous payouts.


So if you are still considering being the brave one out there in order to hit the great progressive top jackpots of the game, there is just one single thing you will need to do. You will simply need to place your bet of 3 coins as you spin the reels which will get you the opportunity to hit the top progressive amount of the game. The crazy amount we are talking about can get the brave players up to 10.000 coins and hence you can see how rewarding your top bets can be. So, the true American spirit theme and hot jackpots are right here waiting for you. Come try out the new land of opportunities and see for yourself how exciting and rewarding your game play can get. Enjoy and good luck!