Super Diamond Mine Slots

Are you looking for a generous slot game which can keep you entertained with its wonderful and interesting theme? Then join in the wonderful mine experience to dig your shiny diamonds. You will be provided with all the fun and exciting explosives and as you go deeper and deeper with the game some wonderful diamonds will become available for you to collect. Super Diamond Mine is very easy ad interesting to play. You will never feel bored in here and the wonderful bonuses will keep your motivation at the place. Follow the special symbols for the best payouts of the game while amazing advantages of this experience will never let you down. Above all the wonderful jackpots of the game can make your experience unforgettable and hence be ready to hit some sweet and top amounts in this game.

Theme and Symbols

The game features a nice and wonderful theme with some interesting features and solutions. The entire experience is influenced by a very rich mine where you will be invited to look for your own diamonds. There are all the featuring items and matching symbols in here which you would love to land on your lines. There are all the bonus symbols in the game available as well and you will love experiencing the generous bonus rounds and all the features of the game. Look for the extra generous mine and diamond symbols on top other nicely made paying symbols of the game. The background is very typical while sound effect match perfectly with the mod of the entire game. You will love following the fun and exciting spins of your reels and wonderful bonuses will never fail to keep you entertained.


The wonderful slot machine comes with adorable 5 reels and 9 pay lines. The game is very simply and interesting to play. At the same time you will find it also nice and flexible when it comes to game play. You can choose to use as many lines as you may wish and bet only of the flexible coin options you may find in here. The options include from just 1 cent to up to 5.00 per line. Go ahead and place the maximum bets while using the top bet amounts and you will be able to hit a wonderful amount of $6000 top fixed jackpot. There are also other advantages in here which you will find so adorable.


The game will be fun and exciting to play and enjoy also due to the wonderful bonus rounds you will have the chance to trigger in here. You will have cascading diamonds and a bonus game to experience in here. When you manage to land diamonds on any spot on the wheel, you will have chance to follow them cascade in the direction they are pointing. In case you have a diamond pointing down then the diamond will drop down. All diamonds on the screen count towards the dynamite meter at the top right of your screen. In addition you have the most amazing Super Diamond Mine Bonus Game. In case your nicely designed dynamite meter reaches 99, you will be able to trigger this wonderful feature. Here the gnome miner will ignite the dynamite, and then your screen will explode!


The great jackpots of the game are rather endless and super generous. The great in-game jackpot of the game can be won in the lucky case you manage to land the great 5 mine symbols lined up on your active lines. While the game features no free spins or other bonus features, the top jackpots of the game are well generous themselves and you will never miss an excitement in here. Join and enjoy!