Yuan Gu Sheng Shou Slots

Yuan Gu Sheng Shou Slot game is especially special for the lovers of Chinese culture and super generous payouts. You will love discovering and meeting the wonderful characters and Chinese themed symbols of the game which are there to get you all the fun of the slot experience you have been looking for today. The great bonus features and top quality graphics and design are the wonderful advantages of this great slot game which is also full of surprises and tasteful solutions. Playing the game is simple and you will love the wonderful colors of the game which are accompanied by wonderful sound effects which make this game so popular and magnetic. Join in and enjoy!

Theme and Symbols

The game has been inspired by the rich and interesting Chinese culture. Here you will be able to find some wonderful items and interesting features that will open the wonderful Chinese culture to you. You will have the chance to look into Chinese mythology including the Moon, water, Earth, Sun, metal, and wood as well and enjoy the folklore and mystery represented by the symbols on the reels. These symbols are here to also get you the great rewards of the game which are as rich as their history and significance. You will have some of the most quality and colorful items to collect in wining combinations in here and you will love admiring the tasteful background and perfectly matching sound effects of the game as well. Enjoy!


The game, as promised, is very easy and simple to play. Here you will have the chance to play with the wonderful 5 reels and 10 fixed pay lines. You can bet from just $0.01 all the way to $1 for each of your spin. In addition you can use the mobile version of the game which will add more convenience and fun to your experience. So as you see you will be dealing with a very charming slot machine which also comes with nice and convenient flexibility. You will love the colors and the style of the slot as much as you will like the simply game play and incredible opportunities the game has to offer to you. Give it a try!


The game features a very generous wild symbol which in here is the Sun. In addition, you will also have a nice scattered symbol which is your wonderful Moon symbol. All together your special symbols will be there to get you all the wonderful bonuses and free games of this slot machine so you will love landing these wonderful symbols on your reels. In here you will have the top payouts of 50,000 coins and will get the chance to aim at the wonderful up to 33 free spins and crazy, up to 15 times multipliers.

Jackpots and Payouts

The game is a non-progressive slot experience which usually means some wonderful fixed jackpots which never let you feel that you are missing on anything. In here you have the great top payouts and considering the generous multipliers and wonderful bonuses of the game you will have some nice and sweet amounts to aim at in here. Meanwhile always remember to keep your bets at the top levels in here and as you do, there will be even higher chances for you to hit the hottest payouts of this game. So join in and get ready to be treated nicely and generously by this nicely themed and very rich and interesting slot game which has been brought to you by one of the most popular and brilliant game developers in the e-gaming world. Enjoy!