Aztec's Millions Slots

There aren’t too many slot games you can play today that give you a chance to become an actual millionaire, but Aztec’s Millions is one of them. This bright colored slot game has beautiful graphics and some pretty cool features, but the one that will bring most players to the slot is the massive progressive jackpot that is worth more than 1 Million US dollars at many instances. This prize goes up and down and it pays out rarely, but it still makes this slot game worth looking at, and we did a full playthrough of the game specifically because of that jackpot.

Your Bet is Always the Same

Aztec’s Millions is a bit of an odd slot game, because it doesn’t give you any chance to change up your bet amount. You must wager $5.00 per spin to play this slot game. That will seem like a whole lot of cash to some players, and like not much at all to others. It’s important that you realize the game locks every player in to risking that money each round. If you can afford $5.00 per spin, this slot might be a good option for you, if not you’ll have to look at something else instead.

Winning the Big Jackpot

The game logo is the most important symbol in this slot game easily. It is the key to the massive progressive jackpot and you’ll be shooting for as many of the logo symbols as you can get while you play. If you manage to get five logo symbols on the same line, you’ll unlock the progressive jackpot just like that. Getting four of the logo symbols is still an occasion to celebrate, because it pays out 2,500 coins.

Watch for the Queen, King and Jaguar

Other than the logo symbol, the most important symbols for this slot game are the Queen, the King and the Jaguar. The Aztec Queen is a powerful symbol that can pay out as much as 5,000 coins if you are fortunate enough to get five of them on the same payline. The Jaguar symbol is the next best paying and is worth up to 2,500 coins if you get five of them on the same line. Finally, you have the Aztec King. This symbol isn’t worthy anything on its own, but it’s a powerful wild that takes the place of everything but the scatter and logo symbols. This wild will help you win more frequently and can result in some very good payouts.

Using AutoPlay for Long Term Gambling

Most short-term gamblers don’t mind pressing the spin button manually, and that’s how many of the gamblers trying Aztec Millions are going to be since the game costs $5.00 per spin. there will still be some long-term gamblers that plan on playing hundreds of rounds of this slot game. For these gamblers it’s helpful to use the auto spin feature as often as possible. This feature enables you to turn the reels without having to press the spin button. Just press the auto spin button, choose the number of spins that you want to go through and let the game do the rest. Press the “Stop Auto” button to turn off the automatic spinning if you decide that you don’t want to deal with any more spins.

Free Spin Bonus

Aztec’s Millions has a free spin bonus that gives you between 15 and 25 free spins when you get three or more scatter symbols. During each free spin, every prize other than the scatter and the massive progressive jackpot are tripled in size, making for some very exciting prize payouts.

Aztec’s Millions is a pretty cool slot game with a lot of nice features built into it. It’s one of the few slot games that gives you a real chance to win a million dollars or more with a bit of luck, and it works in a bunch of other high paying prizes to keep things interesting as you play.