Bubble Bubble Slots

Get ready for the holiday season with one of the most popular Halloween-inspired slot games available today, Bubble Bubble. This online slot game is well-known to most gamblers and it's a highly rated slot as well. That's exactly why we decided to put together a full review of the slot. We'll cover the different features of this slot and what you can expect when you play it. Learn all about the different symbols, the prizes that you can win and more when you read about this video slot down below.

Witches Brews and More

Bubble Bubble is an online slot game that's themed after Halloween and witches specifically. You'll see black cats, potions brewing, skeletons, jack-o-lanterns and more as you play this slot game. It is designed to have a spooky look and feel and the different symbols, sounds and overall effects of this slot game make it really enjoyable to play overall.

50 Lines to Wager On

Bubble Bubble is a slot game that's played across 50 paylines, which means that you'll unlock prize wins frequently while playing the game. It also means that you need to wager on each of those 50 lines. For that reason, the minimum wager is $0.50 per spin. The maximum wager is a whopping $500.00 per spin, which is more than enough to appeal to all the high rollers that skip over many other slot games. If you're searching for a slot that lets you wager huge amounts of cash per spin, you'll love Bubble Bubble.

A Very Attractive Witch

Winni the Witch is the star character of Bubble Bubble and she's the one that you'll be looking out for as you play the game. Fortunately it's very hard to miss this adorable witch because she's dressed to impress in a very revealing witches outfit. Winni is a powerful wild, but she only appears on the central reel. If you are lucky enough to get the witch anywhere on that middle reel, she will expand to cover every single position. Not only does Winni help complete prize wins by giving you a middle reel wild, but she serves as a multiplier and will multiply any wins you manage to get by 3. Get a win using Winni and you're looking at a much better payout than you normally would have achieved.

Decent Wins Require Winni

The best wins during the standard rounds of Bubble Bubble all require Winni to help make them valuable. The highest value win you can get without her help is just 1,000 coins, and that's when you get five of the black cat symbols. This becomes a much more respectable 3,000 coins with help from the wild. The same prize payout can be achieved with five of the Raven symbols. From there the wins drop down significantly with the frog being next on the list with a value of 333 coins for five. You'll get a decent 999 payout with help from the wild though.

Scatter Bonus Features

You can get some pretty decent prize wins during the standard rounds of Bubble Bubble with help from the witch symbol, but all the best wins come from the different bonus rounds, and there are three of them for you to take advantage of while you play. They are all unlocked by getting three or more scatter symbols. Do that and you could play the Wild Witches feature, Great Ghosts or the Bewitched feature.

Wild Witches Bonus

If you are fortunate enough to trigger the Wild Witches bonus round, you get just 9 free games, but you'll enjoy increased reward opportunities compared to the standard rounds of Bubble Bubble. During this bonus game anytime Winni the witch appears on the central reel, she will cast a spell and appear on one to two additional reels as well. This means that you can effectively get three full reels of wilds, which will almost always result in huge jackpot payout combinations. This bonus game is so powerful that it's one of our favorites when playing Bubble Bubble. It's even possible to re-trigger this feature if you get three or more of the scatter symbols before the round begins.

Great Ghosts Bonus

Unlock great ghosts and you'll enjoy 20 free games to play through. During each of those free spins, any scatter wins that you get will trigger a special bonus. Trigger the bonus and between 1 and 9 ghost wild symbols fly to random positions on the reels and give you a chance for some really exciting prize combinations. The ghosts will sub in for all but the scatter symbols just like the witch wild does.

Bewitched Bonus

Finally, there is the Bewitched bonus feature. This is one of the best of all and is an exciting opportunity to win some really nice prizes. You get a total of 7 free spins in this bonus round, and during each of those free spins Winni the Witch takes up the entire middle reel. You'll undoubtedly get some decent wins during the round, and you have a chance to re-trigger this bonus round by getting three or more scatter symbols during one of your free spins.

Bubble Bubble is a lovely slot game to play around the holidays and it's a lot of fun at any time of the year. Not only do the symbols look really nice, but the slot offers good solid prize payouts as well. If you're willing to wager a decent amount of cash when you play, you can unlock some huge prize payouts. Give the slot a try and you could be the next big Bubble Bubble winner.