God of Wealth Slots

God of Wealth is an Asian-inspired online slot game that features a bunch of symbols that represent different deities in Chinese culture as well as the lucky number 8. The whole slot game is set to a lovely backdrop that’s over a pond and shows part of a temple. The game itself is designed to be peaceful, with calming sounds and some pretty basic mechanics. We recommend the slot to gamblers looking to unwind without all the dynamic excitement of the more bright and colorful slot games offered online today. To learn more about God of Wealth and all that this calming slot has to offer, continue through our review down below.

Easy Betting with Decent Options

Betting is the most important step for you to complete when playing an online slot game. The amount you bet determines what prizes you can win, and also how much you need to spend to spin the reels. Bet big and you can win big as long as you get lucky. Bet small and you can keep spinning the reels for a very long time while playing the slot game.

Double Your Wins and Unlock Major Prizes with the God of Wealth

The God of Wealth symbol is the wild for this slot game and arguably the most important symbol of all. It only appears on the central reel during the base game, but can show up on all the reels during the bonus game. This wild will double any prizes that it helps you create, and is a powerful tool to help you win more in all stages of God of Wealth.

Good Solid Prize Payouts

We were pretty impressed by the standard rize payouts available in God of Wealth before you ever even make it into the bonus round of the game. It’s possible to win as much as 10,000 coins on a single prize combination during the base game. To do that you need four dragon symbols along with a wild symbol. Getting five dragon symbols is the next best win for 5,000 coins, which can also be achieved by getting four tiger symbols and a wild symbol. Five tigers alone is another impressive payout worth 2,500 coins, and you can get another decent win by getting four bull symbols and a wild for 1,000 coins. With all of these decent paying prizes to try for, you’ll have a lot to look forward to during the standard rounds of God of Wealth.

The Bonus Game

Getting three or more of the scatter symbols triggers the special bonus round of God of Wealth. If you manage to do that you’ll be presented with a chance to get up to 50 free spins. Click on each of the golden ingot scatter symbols to reveal a free spin number up to 10. Once you do that you’ll be rewarded with your free spins and can start going through the round. During each free spin, the God of Wealth wild will substitute in for all the other god symbols on the reels. If you manage to get five wild symbols on a payline it will pay out with 10,000 coins for some nice winning combinations.

You Can Unlock a Random Jackpot

If you decide to play God of Wealth, you have a chance to unlock a pretty decent random jackpot, no matter what amount of money you are wagering with each spin. This jackpot pays out randomly, and it’s a progressive jackpot which means that it grows larger and larger over time. Unlock this high paying jackpot during any of your spins and you’ll walk away with thousands. You don’t need a symbol combination, and the jackpot could trigger after any normal spin.

Use Autoplay to Your Advantage

If you are interested in going through many spins in a row, you can save yourself the trouble of pressing the spin button over and over again with Autoplay. This simple feature can be turned on and off with the press of a button. You just set the number of spins that you want the game to go through, and pick different conditions to turn the feature off and you can have the game spin itself. The game will go through all the spins that you set up as long as you have the money to keep paying for the spins, and you don’t either win or lose enough money to trigger the stop feature that you have set up. Autoplay sounds confusing to use at first, but it’s simple once you get used to it.

Different Speed Options

One thing that we liked about God of Wealth when we tested it out is that the slot game has different speed settings that you can adjust through. Pick between three different speed options to determine just how quickly the slot goes through animations. The first setting is pretty slow, the middle option still shows some animations but is quite quick, and the third option skips all the animations for a near instant spin. Choose the speed that you want to maximize your gameplay experience with the slot.

God of Wealth is a highly rewarding slot game while also managing to be quite relaxing. If you’re after a slot that pays well, you’ll love this game. If you’re after a slot with a peaceful feel to it, you’ll enjoy this one. If you want something dynamic, exciting and full of flashing lights and loud sounds, you might want to look elsewhere.