Cleopatra's Gold Slots

Head back to Ancient Egyptian times and try to get access to all the gold and riches that were stored away in one of those ancient pyramids with Cleopatra’s Gold. This online slot game is clearly themed after ancient Egypt, and it showcases a range of old-styled symbols, and some temple drawings of cats, ancient symbols and much more. The game packs in some cool features and gives you a whole lot to look forward to as you gamble online. That’s why we did a full review of the slot game down below.

A Random Jackpot

One fun aspect of Cleopatra’s Gold is the random jackpot prize. This jackpot is usually worth thousands of dollars and it’s set to go off at any time. It’s a progressive jackpot that grows in size every single time that you spin the reels, and there is always a small chance that you’ll trigger it when you spin. Spin the reels and hope for the best with this special slot game. You could come away with a few thousand dollars if you are lucky.

Choosing Lines and Bet Amount

Like any other slot game, the line numbers that you choose and the wager amount is really important. There are 20 lines in all and you can wager on just 1 of them all the way up to all 20. Choose how much you want to wager one ach of those lines and you’ll determine what the final wager amount is. Your line bets can be as small as $0.01 and as large as $10.00 each. High rollers love being able to wager $200.00 per spin, and low stakes gamblers feel comfortable with wagers as low as $0.01 per spin.

High Paying Cleopatra

Cleopatra is the most important symbol in this slot game by far. She serves two purposes. The first is as a powerful wild that doubles the value of any winning combinations she helps create. The second is as the high paying fixed jackpot. Get four Cleopatra symbols for the second highest jackpot of 2,500 coins and get five of her for a massive 10,000 coin jackpot payout. That’s a big enough prize to make this slot game worth playing over and over again, and that doesn’t even include the multiplier bonus available in the free spin round.

High Paying Scatters

The scatter symbol will help trigger the free spin round, but it isn’t just a tool to help you unlock free spins. This symbol is a high paying prize symbol if you are lucky enough to get four or more of them. Four pyramid scatters is worth 20x your total wager amount or up to $4,000. Five pyramid scatter symbols is worth 500x your total wager amount or up to $100,000 in instant cash. That’s one of the highest scatter payouts that you can get from a slot game today, which is one of the reasons that Cleopatra’s Gold is one of our favorites.

Triple Payout Free Spins

If you’re fortunate enough to get three or more of the pyramid symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll unlock the free spin bonus round. In this round you get 15 free spins and all prizes paid out are tripled in size instantly. That means the biggest prize win that you can get during the round is 30,000 coins or as much as $300,000 with a top wager in place. That’s a huge prize payout and makes Cleopatra’s Gold into a very valuable slot game. If you can get three or more pyramid symbols again during a free spin, you’ll be credited with an additional 15 free spins to help you win even more.

An Advanced Autoplay

We were really impressed with all the features available in the Autoplay mode of this slot game. You can choose the number of spins that you want to go through. You can choose whether you want the spins to be on Turbo Mode or not. You have complete control over when the autospins stop as well. Set up automatic stops to turn the mode off when you win or lose a certain amount of cash and make sure that you aren’t losing more than you should be in Cleopatra’s Gold.

Cleopatra’s Gold is a slot game that’s worth trying out at least once. You’ll have access to top grade features, and lots of high paying prizes that other slots simply can’t match. Even though we don’t really care for the graphics of this slot, we really enjoy playing it.