Dirty Martini Slots

Though it appears simple and straightforward on the surface, Dirty Martini, the online slot game actually has a lot going on under the surface. This slot gives you a range of special features and bonuses to play for, and all that’s offered under the basic disguise of a fruity slot game.

Choosing a Bet

Choosing a bet is important, but only if there is a good range of options to work with. In Dirty Martini we were impressed by the wide range of wagers that can be placed. Whether you are new to the slot or a long-time gambler, you can bet big or small depending on what your risk tolerance is. You could risk just $0.01 per spin, but win very little from the prize payouts, or you could risk tens of dollars all the way up to $100.00 per spin if you like.

The Top Fixed Jackpot

The Marini Shaker is the symbol that you’ll be on the lookout for as you play this slot game, because it is the high paying tool and a wild as well. This symbol is worth 10,000 coins if you get five of them across a payline. It’s also a wild that will double the value of other symbols if it helps create any sort of prize payout at all. Get just a couple of the shakers and you could trigger some very nice prizes and end up with some exciting results overall.

We Love the Scatters

The Bodog coin symbol is the scatter in this slot game and a very powerful tool for you to use as well. Get five of these coins and you’re looking at a 500x prize payout times your entire wager amount. For players that are willing to bet big, that’s a prize worth up to $50,000. The scatter is also the trigger for the free spin round, making it about as important as the wild symbol.

Autoplay Your Way to Victory

Autoplay is a powerful feature that’s available in many slot games, and Dirty Martini is one of them. In this slot game you can use autoplay to turn the reels whenever you don’t feel like turning the reels on your own. Go through tens, or even hundreds of spins without pressing spin and you could come away with some good wins over that time as well. This feature is simple, but it’s very helpful and something that most gamblers really seem to enjoy.

The Free Spin Bonus

Three or more scatters leads you to the free spin bonus round in Dirty Martini. In this round you’ll get 15 free spins that can all pay out more than the standard rounds. Every prize win that’s possible pays out 3x the normal amount in this special round. That means you could win up to 30,000 coins if you are lucky during the free spin round.

Dirty Martini may be a slot game about drinks, but it’s a lot of fun and pretty complex for how simple it looks. If you’re after a game with good paying prizes, this is the one. If you’re after a slot that looks clean and nice and is pretty easy to play, Dirty Martini fits that description as well. It’s not a perfect slot game, but we like it enough to recommend it.