Enchanted Garden II Slots

Most gamblers are familiar with the Enchanted Garden slot game, and many have tried it in the past. Enchanted Garden II is the sequel to that popular slot game and it features better symbols, better music, more exciting prizes and more bonuses to unlock. Overall, we really like this slot game, but you’ll have to read through our complete review of this relaxing slot game to find out exactly why that is.

Mystical Music and Nice Symbols

The one thing that we really enjoy about Enchanted Garden II that you can’t get from other slot games is the mystical music, the well-drawn symbols and the fun animations. Spin the reels and see gnomes, frogs, fairies and other forest-related symbols and you try to unlock decent prize payouts. There is a relaxing song that plays when you stop spinning the reels, and there’s an animation and sound that plays each time you unlock a prize payout. We like the look and feel of this slot, and that alone is something that keep some gamblers coming back for more.

Excellent Wagering Versatility

When playing a new slot game you really want to have a wealth of options available to you with how you wager. If you can wager high and low, that means that you have flexibility and can choose how the slot game will feel. This is especially important when you get high rollers and low stakes gamblers playing the same slot game. That’s not possible with some slots, but it’s doable in Enchanted Garden II. That’s because you can bet on the extreme low-end and the extreme high end when you play the game. If you’re a low stakes gambler that wants to stretch a few dollars, wager as little as $0.01 per spin and play all nigh long. If you are a high roller that wants to win thousands of dollars on decent prize combinations, wager as much as $250.00 per spin and go for the highest payouts possible.

A Generous Fairy Princess

The beautiful fairy princess is the symbol that stands out the most when you spin the reels of Enchanted Garden II, and for good reason. She’s a high power symbol and a tool that you’ll want to use often. The fairy can show on every reel but the first, and she will take the place of all but the scatter symbol. When you unlock a prize winning combination using the fairy, that prize amount is doubled instantly. That means you can win a huge amount of cash with help from this wild, and without the wild you can’t get standard round wins that are nearly as substantial. A five gnome win for example is worth 2,500 coins, but when you sub a fairy in for one or more of the gnomes the win is instantly worth 5,000 coins for a much more substantial win.

Noteworthy Standard Game Wins

Even though Enchanted Garden II has a bonus round, it’s important to be able to get some decent prize wins even when you aren’t in that special round. That’s why it’s exciting to see just how high paying the prizes can be even when you aren’t doing the free spin bonus. You can win up to 5,000 coins from a single prize combination, that’s worth as much as $50,000 during the standard rounds. This comes from a gnome and fairy combination that expands over all five spots in a payline. The next best win comes from a mix of fairies and rings to cover five reels, and that is worth 2,000 coins. These two wins are sizeable enough to get very excited about without ever making it to a bonus round.

Scatters are Incredibly Important

In most slots the scatter symbol isn’t seen as a tool to unlock jackpot-level prize payouts, but that’s not the case in Enchanted Garden II. In this slot you can get up to 500x your total wager amount if you get five scatter symbols. That’s a payout worth as much as $125,000 if you have a top wager in place when you trigger the jackpot. That’s a huge win and something to get very excited about. Even if you have a smaller wager in place, you can still expect some exciting prize wins if you are fortunate enough to get five of the scatter symbols while playing this slot game.

Winning More with the Bonus Rounds

There are some substantial wins to unlock during the standard rounds of Enchanted Garden II, but that doesn’t mean you can’t win even more. There are also two different bonus features that you can use to win even more cash while playing this slot. To do this you need to get the Garden scatter on the first reel and the fairy wild on the last reel. Do that and you’ll unlock either the Firefly feature or the Fairy Queen feature.

If you unlock the Firefly feature you will get 7 free games and a chance to unlock some huge prize payouts. Any wins that you get during this special feature are tripled in size. Not only that, but some of the symbols that appear on the reels will have a small firefly symbol on them. Get three or more of the firefly symbols on a single turn and you’ll add three free spins onto your bonus. It’s possible to add free spins again and again as you play through your free rounds if you are fortunate enough. You could win up to $150,000 on a single prize win during this bonus round if you have the highest wager in place.

The Fairy Queen feature is even more exciting in our opinion. You get a total of 10 free spins, and every prize win that you unlock is tripled again. Getting three or more of the firefly symbols will unlock an additional 3 free spins like in the other bonus round. The only difference is that you’ll have additional fairy wilds out on the reels as well when you go through this bonus round. With those additional wilds in place you’ll have a better chance of triggering high paying prize wins as you go through your free spins.

Enchanted Garden II is a top-rated online slot game and we highly recommend it to any gamblers looking for a relaxing slot with a wealth of features. It’s easy to play, but packs in enough special bonuses to keep you guessing as you go through one round to the next.