Enchanted Garden Slots

Let your imagination run wind and imagine that you are in an enchanted garden where you can meet all you childhood friends like faeries and elves. Relive your fantasies and play Enchanted Garden Slots today where you can experience an enchanted world in a garden where everything is calm and quiet and all your childhood friends are all around you. You can discover an idyllic fairy tale land and meet your make-believe friends once again in a land of fairy tale folk. In Enchanted Garden Slots all your favourite fairy tale friends come to life. You will meet fairies, unicorns and elves who live in toadstools and make magic with fairy dust and will you start believing in faeries all over again.

Enchanted Garden Slots takes you to a whole new wonderful world of fairies and elves. Join your fairy tale folk friends as you dart in and out of the garden with your newly found friends. Enter this magical world of magical butterflies and fiery rings. Enjoy your favourite game in this beautiful garden. Get an out of this world experience in this wonderful fairy tale world and start playing this game with all of the little folk in the garden. Does this sound too good to be true? Well in Enchanted Garden Slots these fantasies really do come true.

Get prepared to be rewarded in this 5-reel slot. Take part in this enchanted game with 20 pay lines. To add to the excitement of the game, you can randomly win a progressive jackpot at any time during the game. Progressive jackpots can pop up at any given time and these will increase your winnings dramatically! The more games you play the more chances you have of winning the progressive jackpot. In Enchanted Garden Slots the progressive jackpot can be triggered at any random time during play. So start playing immediately! The special features in Enchanted Garden Slots include fantastic mythical fairy tale graphics, a random jackpot when you least expect it, and also an Auto play feature that lets you sit back and watch your winnings increase. When you hit Auto play the game automatically becomes faster and the Auto play game will stop either when you stop it yourself or else when you run out of money. Enchanted Garden Slots includes special bonus features where you can earn up to 200 times your bet, you can also earn extra pay outs for hitting the special symbols and a random jackpot that can be yours when you least expect it. It is the most rewarding fairy tale you have ever come across and reliving past memories will make it that little bit extra special.

In Enchanted Garden Slots there are Garden symbols and Fairy Princess symbols. If you hit a Garden Symbol on reel 1 and a Fairy Princess symbol on reel 5, you will win 7 free games. The Fairy Princess symbol also substitutes for all other symbols. This will help you to complete the winning combinations. If the Fairy Princess lands in a winning combination, your prize is automatically doubled.

Although Enchanted Garden Slots is a 20 pay line game you do not always have to play all of the 20 lines. You can make your pay line selections by using the arrows up and down which are to the left and to the right of the Lines button. You also choose how small or how large your bet should be. You can bet from as little as 1c to as much as $100. Your total bet per spin will be displayed at the top of the game. When you have decided on how much you want to bet, just press the Spin button. You will then be paid out according to how many symbols you have matched. If you need further clarification regarding the pay schedule, just click the Help button.

This is a game to die for as it take you to a imaginary fairy tale word where all is beautiful and clam and peaceful. This is your ideal world and for some time you can take time out from your everyday life and enter this truly magical world. So go for it!!!!! Start playing Enchanted Garden Slots today and discover an idyllic, mystical world like no other, mingling with the fairy tale folk in this magical garden. You will find yourself returning again and again to this fairy tale game because it is so idyllic! Discover the treasure that lies within, and increase your possibilities of winning and uncovering free games. Take part in the Random Progressive Jackpot when you least expect it and have a great time playing Enchanted Garden Slots! You could be in for a lovely surprise when you win the random progressive jackpot. So, Good Luck!