Football Frenzy Slots

Football Frenzy is a unique online slot game that has you choose between two unique gameplay modes from the very second that you begin playing. This slot game showcases the things that make Football matches so exciting, and gives you a chance to play for some impressive prize payouts. We took the time to fully test out Football Frenzy, and were impressed by what we saw. Below we break down our experience.

Striker and Lucky Mode

There are two modes available when you start this slot. Striker mode and Lucky mode. Each works just about the same when you play, until you get to the free spin bonus round that is. Once there you’ll enjoy more spins and a better multiplier with Striker mode, and a chance to unlock special bonuses in Lucky mode.

Wagering Across 50 Paylines

There are 50 paylines and they all must remain active as you play Football Frenzy. Since the minimum line bet you can place is $0.01, you must wager at least $0.50 per spin when playing Football Frenzy. That’s a lot of cash for some gamblers that are used to spending half of that or less per spin, but many gamblers will be comfortable with that minimum.

The Striker Wild

The striker is arguably the most important symbol in Football Frenzy. This potent symbol is the wild and also a 2x multiplier when combined with other symbols to complete prize winning combination of symbols. It’s possible to win quite a bit of money with help from this symbol and you’ll find yourself getting excited each time you see it appear on the reels of the slot. The striker is a common symbol and one that you’ll profit from regularly.

Winning with the Goalie and the Ball

The goalie and the ball are two other important symbols that you’ll find yourself searching for as you play Football Frenzy. They are both worth 500 coins when you get five of them, but can be worth 1,000 coins with help from the striker as part of the prize paying combination. That’s up to a $5,000 value with a full wager in place while playing.

The Massive Paying Scatters

Scatter symbols are one of the most lucrative in Football Frenzy, because getting five of the mon the reels will pay out 500x your total wager amount. With a maximum wager in place, you could be looking at as much as $125,000 from the slot game just using the scatter symbols. That’s more than most other slots will pay out, and it’s certainly exciting to any serious gambler.

Playing the Free Spin Bonus

If you get three or more of the scatter spins you will unlock the bonus round of the game. If you’re in Striker mode you’ll enjoy between 8 and 100 spins depending on how lucky you are and how many scatters you get to unlock the round. You’ll also enjoy a 3x multiplier on every single spin that you go through.

If you’re in Lucky mode you’ll get just 8 free spins, but will have a chance to unlock the Free Kick free games after any spin that they go through. Both types of players can unlock the Penalty Kick Bonus on a free spin by getting ball symbols on all the reels at once. In this special round it’s possible to win up to 900x your total wager amount.

Football Frenzy is a fun slot game and certainly worth sitting down and playing before the World Cup starts up. The game has a good blend of features and is ideal for fans of the sport that are looking for something else to do with their free time.