Zombies vs. Cheerleaders Slots

Join a wonderful battle between beauty and the beasts in this creative and fantasy world created by the legendary RTG. Zombies vs Cheerleaders slot game is inspired by the same-named comics where the scary monsters came out for a true battle. By the beautiful cheerleaders are very courageous and fill fight nice and well with these night monsters. While you are enjoying this wonderful fantasy world, be ready to receive some nice and hot rewards in here. You will love the wonderful payouts this game has to offer in addition to the beautiful jackpots you will have the chance to hit in here. The wonderful bonuses are at the place and you will love the great opportunities that are in here for you. So join in the battle and see who will get the hottest rewards after all.

Theme and Symbols

While the design and the theme of the game was inspired by the comics book and the symbols are actually comic like animated styled ones in here, the game design is rather dark and scary and far from being for children. You will find blood stains everywhere around you and will get some of the top rewards for your brain and scary zombies symbols. There wonderful symbols and characters of the game if course include loads of scary disgusting but interesting zombies, beautiful cheerleaders and loads of blood-covered items which will make the atmosphere just perfect to feel entirely a part of this battle. You can join in easily to this game while keeping your eye on the bonus symbols of the game. Here you will have the wold and scattered symbols so the game play is also generous and fun. Enjoy!


The game comes with 5 reels and 25 pay lines. Playing on these wonderful reels is simple and you will only need to decide how much you wish to bet on each spin. Here you have the chance to choose from the betting options that wary from 0.05 up to 5.00. The bets and the most generous payouts will become available for you to aim at in here in case you bet your maximum amounts and in here your top betting amount can be worth 125 and this is possible in case you bet your top amount for each line and decide to go for all the 25 lines of the game. Making each spin will be more than enjoyable and the great opportunities will keep growing for you as you continue spinning the beautiful reels of the game.


The simple combinations of the game are very generous meanwhile as you manage to land the special bonus symbols of the game which are there to trigger all the special opportunities of the game for you. The wild of the game is by a blood-covered axe which will get you faster wins. And the scatter is the logo for the game which will get you all the free spins and incredible multipliers of the game for you. You will get the opportunity to make the most of the sweet up to 6 free spins. During these wonderful and free spin you will have the chance to hit the wins which come with incredible multipliers and have the opportunity to be re-triggered actually. So this can be the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy some of the most interesting themes out there while being treated by the wonderful bonuses and extra win opportunities. Join the wonderful adventure and become a part of this unique experience which has already become so popular among so many players from all around the world. Enjoy!