Hairway To Heaven Slots

It’s tough to read the title of Hairway to Heaven without at least giggling a bit. This online slot game is clearly inspired by a very popular rock song, but it’s not about rock music at all. Instead, this slot is about the story of Rapunzel. You have a castle tower, a charming prince, a mirror, a key and a women with very long hair. Together, with all these symbols you get bits and pieces of the story of Rapunzel. The slot has a fun theme, but that doesn’t make it worth playing. Our full review of the game goes over what it has to offer and why it’s worth playing or not. Read through the review to learn more about this slot game.

Considering the Wager Options

The first thing we did when reviewing Hairway to Heaven was look at the different wager options. The slot has 50 paylines and you can turn them on and off as you see fit. Not only can you switch lines on and off, but you can also adjust the total bet per line up or down to give you excellent control over your total wager amount. At the high end you can wager up to $250.00 per spin. At the low end you can go all the way down to $0.01 per spin. That’s quite the range to work with and should be good for most gamblers today.

There’s An Autoplay Feature

Hairway to Heaven comes with a helpful autoplay feature, that spins the reels for you when you don’t feel like it. To turn the feature on you press the AUTOPLAY button, and to turn it off you press the button again. This feature will go through hundreds of spins for you if you like, and makes long play sessions much more convenient than the standard ones.

Playing for the Feature Guarantee

A small portion of every wager that you make while spinning the reels in Hairway to Heaven is dedicated toward the Feature Guarantee. This is a simple guarantee to trigger one of the bonus features of the slot game in so many turns. Once the guarantee reaches 100% the feature will start up no matter what. If you get the feature before the guarantee reaches 100%, it will still start over and begin counting up to 100% again from there. If you’re playing Hairway to Heaven and you want to maximize your wins, try and stick with the game until the feature guarantee is complete if you haven’t gone through a bonus round yet.

Two Progressive Jackpots

There are two different progressive jackpots in Hairway to Heaven, and each of them gives you a chance to trigger some good payouts. These two jackpots are triggered randomly and can be set off at any moment. We liked never knowing when one of the jackpots could pay out, and it was exciting to see just how much they are worth even though we weren’t able to get a win from the feature while playing Hairway to Heaven.

Three Unique Bonus Games

There are three exciting bonus games that you can unlock while you play this slot game. To do so you need to find the prince symbol anywhere on the reels. Do that and you’ll get to enjoy the Damsel in Distress feature, the Princess Pays feature or the Hairway to Heaven feature.

In the Damsel in Distress feature you try and find the princess symbol to win up to eight free spins. The spins offer standard payouts and aren’t hugely profitable depending on what wins you unlock during them.

The second feature is the Princess Pays feature and that gives you 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier on every win that you get during those spins. You can win some very impressive payouts in this bonus game with the right amount of luck.

Finally, you have the Hairway to Heaven feature. In this feature you get up to 20 free spins and the princess symbol will sit at the third reel and can expand to other reels as well. During the spins you start with a 1x multiplier and it goes up for each spin that you complete on the reels.

Hairway to Heaven is a cool online slot game with a lot of promise. It’s the type of slot that you should play if you really enjoy bonus games and unexpected prizes. Wins come in big surges as you play, and you could lose for quite some time before landing one or two exciting wins to change your game experience.