Orc vs Elf Slots

A great battle is about to begin between Orcs and Elves which are there to get you the show you have been looking forward to. In here you can choose your side and support the ones you most believe in. This is a fantastic opportunity by RTG which is not only there to entertain you and get you the great theme you have been looking for but also to get you great rewards which you will love. The great symbols will be there to get you the great payouts in addition to pass you the amazing spirit of the story. In addition, there are wonderful bonuses and jackpots in the game for you to keep the entertainment and excitement in balance. So join in the great story and start supporting your team!

Theme and Symbols

The theme of the Orc vs Elf game is all about the great characters and charming characters which are there to have a battle to prove who can beat whom. In here you can play your role and make the most of the results. In the game you will be having great tasteful colours and loads of action. The wonderful characters are made of great quality graphics and great design solutions. The creators also added all great bonus symbols in the game. You can meet Trail to Orcholme, Elf Players, Trail to Elveros etc. The great bonus symbols are in the place to ensure your most generous opportunities of the game. The wonderful adventurous fantasy worlds can be your perfect escape for your everyday routine. Here you have the wonderful place where you can make it big and make the most out of all the great opportunities. Join in and enjoy the great opportunities.


This wonderful opportunity is a 5 reeled and 25 pay lines slot machine designed to give you all the great convenient and flexible game play you have been looking forward to. The great betting options will make sure you have the right amounts for your own gaming strategy. You can start betting from just 0.25 coins a spin. You can use as many lines as you may wish in here and playing your favorite themed quality game will be as easy as you can think of. You simply decide on the amount you wish to bet on each of your spins and you can give it a go from there. You can choose the play option from there and watch the great magic that will happen and get you great rewards you will appreciate so much. Meanwhile remember that the top bets per spin will insure the opportunity for you to hit great and top wins of this game. Enjoy!


The wonderful bonus features are there in the place which is all there to get you the top opportunities of the game. As you already know you have the great wild symbol in addition to the great scattered symbols. There are some nice and fun bonus features you will love to explore in here. They all come with some really sweet payouts and multipliers which are all very nice and easy to enjoy. The wonderful rewards of the game can be more than generous in here and so placing top bets can be very wise in here. Trail to Orcholme includes the Goblin's Gold Feature, Hobgoblin, Orc Army, Orc Horde, Giant Spins, Chaos Spins, and Orc Onslaught Feature. These wonderful features come with great deal of free spins, double prizes, extra wilds, sticky wilds, giant spins and super spins. You can make use of the great combinations of the game which are already generous and these bonuses simply add even more excitement to your gameplay.