Cash Bandits Slots

Cash Bandits is a slot game that’s all about robbing a bank in order to get rich. The object of the game is to unlock the different vaults and to earn as much money as you possibly can while you spin the reels. There are some cool bonus features, but the overall theme of the game, which is a band of bank robbers, was enough for us to want to give this very popular online slot game a try. Below is an overview of what we experienced while playing the game.

Wagering Options

Cash Bandits offers gamblers quite a few different wagering options for them to work with, making it easy to bet high or low depending on their tolerance for risk. The minimum allowable bet per line is $0.25 and the maximum is $10.00. There are a total of 25 lines that you can turn on and off, which helps you create your overall wager amount. You can wager a low of $0.25 to keep your risk low, or you can go up to $250.00 if you really want to maximize the wins that you can get from the slot game. Try for a wager amount that you are comfortable with, but also go for something that’s going to pay out an amount that you’re excited to win for the best experience with Cash Bandits.

Biggest Prize Payouts

There are a couple symbols that you want to watch for above all the rest when you play Cash Bandits. These are the vault symbol, the cops and robber badge symbol, the bank symbol and the policy officer symbol. These are the most valuable symbols of the game. The biggest win that you can get during the standard round comes from the cops and robber scatter badge, that will pay out 200x your total wager amount if you get five of them anywhere on the reels. The next best paying symbol is the vault, which is a wild and pays out up to 2,500 coins when you get five of them. After that the bank is worth up to 1,500 for five symbols and finally you have the cop symbol worth 1,250 for five symbols. Each is worth trying for, and all of them can result in excellent prize payouts.

Hitting Progressive Jackpot Wins

There are a few different progressive jackpots associated with Cash Bandits and these jackpots increase in value over time as players spin the reels. These prizes are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, and they can be unlocked at random without requiring a specific symbol combination at all. Every player has a chance to unlock these prizes, they just need to keep spinning and to get lucky.

Playing at Your Desired Speed

There are three different speeds available when playing Cash Bandits. There is a slow, a medium and a fast. Press the speed button to adjust from one to three bullets to determine how fast the reels will turn. This doesn’t affect the results of the game, but it gives you control over how fast you go through rounds of this slot game.

A Cool Bonus Round

Cash Bandits comes with a very exciting bonus round known as the Vault feature. In this feature there are four different vaults, and it’s up to you to try and unlock them for additional free spins and multipliers. To unlock the vaults you guess a series of numbers and the game will check to see if any of those numbers are in the vault combinations. Get all the numbers in one of the vault combinations right and you unlock the prize that’s inside. By guessing most of the numbers right you can get dozens of free spins with exceptional multipliers on every spin that you go through. This can result in some seriously good wins. After you try and unlock the vaults the game will start going through your free spins, helping you to cash in on all the bonus spins that you’ve unlocked. The luckiest winners can get up to 90 free spins with a 12x multiplier during this bonus round.

Use the Advanced Autoplay Feature for Convenient Gambling

Cash Bandits features a powerful Autoplay feature that will let you automatically spin the reels of the slot for between 25 and 1,000 rounds. While setting up these automatic spins, you can also set up conditions that will stop the automatic spins. Get the spins to stop if you lose too much money, if you win a certain amount of money or if you lose a certain amount of money over time. If you’re a gambler that wants to go through many rounds, but you don’t want to sit around and press the spin button yourself for all of them, Autoplay is a powerful and helpful feature.

Cash Bandits is a high paying slot game, but the best prizes almost always come from the Vault feature. Sure, you could win as much as $50,000 just from scatters alone, but once you get into that vault feature you can win even bigger prize payouts than that and you have a bunch of chances to win big. Cash Bandits is a lot of fun, and it’s worth playing in our opinion.