Swindle all the Way Slots

Who hasn't seen the wonderful classic Christmas movie home alone? Also a fan? Then come try out the nice Swindle All the Way slot game by RTG (Real Time Gaming) which is inspired by this great movie. Here there are two robbers who are looking for robbing some rich houses on Christmas. The wonderful game is full of nice and iconic symbols which are also very generous. The graphics is great and the sound effects pass the perfect mood of the game. There are wonderful combinations you will get to explore in here in addition to some nice bonuses. The game will be there to take you to the Christmas mood and the interesting and fun theme will make it a complete experience for you. Join in and have fun!

Theme and Symbols

The game is based on the movie Home Alone and hence you can expect to find some of the most fun and charming characters in here. Of course you have the two robbers in here who are looking for some riches to steal and then you have the Swindle All the Way logo which is also your scattered symbol. In addition you have some traditional poker symbols in here including the classic A, K, Q, J and more. You also have such interesting symbols as the local newspaper and Watch Dog to make it a perfect adventure for you to try out. Not less important to mention that the game is done with great quality and hence the characters are nice and fun with top quality and cartoon like style. You will enjoy playing around with them especially when also experiencing how nice and generous they can be.


Swindle All the Way is rather a classic slot game when it comes to the game play. It comes with 5-reels and 25 lines. You can easily adjust the lines of the game and decide for yourself how many of them you wish to use. You can also use the auto spin mode here which is the nicest option in case you wish to simply relax and enjoy the great reels making their business while making no effort at all. Simply set the amount you wish to bet and the number of the spins you wish to make and the auto spin more will be there to take care of the rest. You can find the features very easily and using them as well as playing the entire experience is very nice and easy. Then there is another great news here- the game is also available in mobile version as well. For any device be it iOS or Android powered you will have a perfect quality and great advantages and functionality to make the most use of. So just enjoy!


The game comes with some nice and amazing bonus features which are so nice and sweet to experience. You can start enjoying these wonderful opportunities as you manage to land your scattered symbols on your lines in wining combinations. You will be given a chance to experience a nice and fun bonus game which will add great emotions and a chance to hit some nice wins to your game play. With the nice and generous scattered symbol you will get to experience some sweet multipliers and free games as well. You can enjoy up to 10 free games in here. There wonderful games can be even more generous so you better get started with the game as soon as possible and try not to miss any chance and exiting bonus. Enjoy!


The wonderful game also features some sweet progressive amounts which you can get to experience as well. You can make the most use of the two generous amounts which will always be growing and to make you motivated they will be displayed on your screen all the time. Your mini jackpot always starts at the generous $250 after any time it is hit by lucky players and the major amount is even more generous. It always restarts at $1000 so you always have some sweet extra wins to look forward to in here. Good luck!