Goblin's Treasure Slots

Travel into a world of fantasy, exploration and excitement as you test out Goblin’s Treasure, the online slot game. this slot features a range of cool symbols, including goblins, dragons, precious gems, shields, mushrooms and more. The whole game is set to the backdrop of a fiery hot chamber filled with lava, and you get the distinct impression that you are working to help uncover the mysterious goblin’s treasure as you play this slot.

Standard Betting Options

Goblin’s Treasure keeps things pretty standard as far as wagering goes. There are 25 paylines that you can turn on and off. You are allowed to make a wide range of wagers on each line, from a low of $0.01 to a high of $5.00. When you combine your line wagers over all the different lines that you choose to wager on, you get an impressive wagering range from a low of $0.01 for all those low stakes gamblers that want to stretch their budget further, to a high of $125.00 for the gamblers that want to go for the biggest prize payouts they can possibly get.

There is a Goblin Wild Multiplier

With no surprise to anyone, the goblin symbol is the wild in Goblin’s Treasure, and it’s the tool that you can use to get some seriously good prize payouts as well. This symbol only shows up on the first reel of the slot, and it will show up with a number over top of it from 1x to 5x. This is the multiplier that the wild has. By using the goblin symbol, you can get some impressively large prize payouts.

The Basic Treasure Wild

There is another wild symbol in this slot game, but it acts more like a standard wild. The treasure symbol is a wild that can only show up on the last reel while you play this slot game. When the treasure symbol shows up it will take the place of all but the scatter and the goblin symbol. Between the two wilds you’ll find yourself relying on one of them frequently to help you get a decent win from the slot game.

Good Solid Prize Payouts

While playing Goblin’s Treasure you’ll find yourself impressed with the different prize payouts that you can unlock during the base game. It’s possible to get as much as 10,000 coins from four of the troll symbols as well as a high multiplier goblin symbol across a reel. You can also win up to 3,750 coins using the next highest paying symbol and the wild, or 2,500 using the dragon symbol and the wild. There are plenty of different options that can help you win more than 1,000 coins while you play this slot game, making it easy to come away with a substantial win every time you play, even though there isn’t a bonus round.

No Bonus Round

Most slot games today have some sort of bonus round that you can unlock while you play. That’s not the case with Goblin’s Treasure. The base game that you experience the entire time you play, is the only thing you will ever experience. This makes the slot game more relaxed and simple to pick up and play, and it really helps improve the gambling experience in our opinion.

Unlocking the Progressive Jackpots

Goblin’s Treasure features two different progressive jackpots that you can unlock. There is a minor jackpot and a major jackpot. You have a slight chance of unlocking either one of them during every spin that you complete in this slot game, and the longer you play the better your chance is of getting a lucky hit that includes one of these random payouts. The nice thing about this feature is that no matter what amount you are wagering, you will always win the same amount from either of these two jackpots, which means that the low stakes gamblers can win a huge amount o cash from the slot if they are lucky enough.

Goblin’s Treasure is a beautiful slot game and is a lot of fun to play through. If you’re interested in testing out a new slot game that has some real style, we encourage you to give it a try. It offers good enough payouts to be worth testing, and is pretty simple to play as well, which will appeal to many players giving it a test playthrough.