The Big Heist Slots

With a fun theme of cops and criminal and some interesting and fresh bonus features, The Big Heist is something very entertaining to try out. The slot machine is introduced by RTG featuring some amazing rewards to look forward to. The game play is basic and simple while the graphics are modern and exciting. It is a true pleasure to spin the reels of the game as you will get to see all the fun and colorful symbols that will start to appear. The game comes with a progressive jackpot and some generous payouts with simple symbol combinations. There are no special symbols involved in this game while you will not miss having a special bonus game. The bonus feature of the slot machine is an interesting and rewarding opportunity which you will not wish to miss. Give this slot game a spin!

Theme and Symbols

The main theme of the game is all about police chasing criminal. It is a fun themed game and hence the graphics are full of colors and animated symbols. You will see loads of doughnuts, coffee cups, police badges, sunglasses, pistol, a safe dial symbols, and your main goal will be to collect as many winning combinations as possible. There are featuring sound effects throughout the game that you will also appreciate. The music will keep the fun mood going while cheering you every time you hit a winning combination. While the game play is simple, the theme has all the great colors and interesting solutions to keep you entertained. Meanwhile, there are no wild or scattered symbols in the game, as the features are pretty simple and hence nothing more than generous and fun. Give it a try.


The minimalist and simple game play of the slot machine offers you to gamble on 3 reels and one pay line. You can make the most of more than affordable betting options that vary from 0.05 to 5. Meanwhile, you can choose to bet up to 3 coins per spin and hence bet 15 as a maximum bet for your sweet spins. The sweet payouts of the game depending on the amount you wish to bet on each of your spins. The hottest ones come to the top betters while if you decide to take it slowly, you will also have some sweet chances to hit great wins. The top fixed jackpot can be worth 2000 coins in case you bet 3 coins on a spin. The game play is easy to follow, and just as you load the game, you will see all the options you have in the game. Once you decide on your betting amount you can immediately give it a go and have a great fun time enjoying the theme of the slot game.

Bonus Game

The game features a very interesting and generous bonus game which is called the safe dial. Each time you hit the safe dial symbol on your pay line the number will be added to the count kept on the upper side of your screen. Once you hit 50 of these symbols the bonus feature will be activated. Another way to unlock it is to simply hit 3 of the safe dial symbols in one winning combination. So once you activate this feature you will be automatically awarded fantastic 50 coins. Meanwhile, the best option is trying to land winning combinations with your safe dial symbols and once you manage to land at least 10 of these combos, your dial meter will be charged even faster. So as you see you will be dealing with a very simple yet innovative and interesting experience that can be more than generous. Join in and enjoy!