Bulls and Bears Slots

The stock market isn’t an obvious theme choice for a slot game, but it’s actually a lot of fun to look at and play according to our tests with Bulls and Bears the online slot game. The slot is unique to look at, it offers decent features and packs in a few surprises that you probably won’t be expecting. That’s why we recommend you try the slot game out for yourself. If you want to learn more about the slot before giving it a try, read through our review of the game down below.

Classic and Surprising Symbols in One

Picture a smoky trading room office filled with screaming workers frantically making deals, and that’s sort of the vibe that you get from Bulls and Bears due to its symbols. There’s the savvy investor reading the paper while smoking a pipe. That’s a protected safe, there are boats, piles of gold, stacks of cash and even a flashy sports car. Among all those things, there are also symbols of bulls and actual bears that create a surprising contrast compared to all the more standard stockroom symbols. All the symbols look a bit dated, but they’re drawn nicely and give the slot game a quality appearance.

A Big Fixed Jackpot

Bulls and Bears is exciting because of the different prizes that it pays out, but one of the best ones is a 10,000 coin fixed jackpot payout. This massive prize payout is worth up to $50,000 if you’re wagering the maximum amount as you play this slot game. That’s a whole lot of cash and it’s an amount that you’ll probably be more than a little excited about winning.

Wild Multipliers

Both the bull and bear symbols are wilds in this slot game, which is fitting because they both stand out so much. If you use one of these two wilds to complete a prize payout, you double that prize instantly. If you use both on the same prize combination you quadruple the prize just like that. It’s a simple feature, but certainly makes for some interesting prize wins.

Surprising Jackpots

Most of the time you know when a jackpot payout is coming. You’ll see all the high value symbols lining up across the reels as you work your way toward a massive win. With one of the two progressive jackpots in Bulls and Bears, the game doesn’t work like this. These jackpots can trigger at any moment and there is no way to track them effectively. After the money is paid out for your normal wins, you could immediately be rewarded with the jackpot money for one of the two jackpots. The amounts for both is displayed as you play, and if you win you get the entire amount for the jackpot that you win.

A Powerful Feature Guarantee

Some of the money you bet each time you spin the reels in Bulls and Bears goes towards the feature guarantee. This special feature ensures that the bonus round for this slot will trigger eventually, even if you have poor luck. Approximately every 125 spins or so the feature will go off because of the guarantee if it doesn’t go off on its own. That means you’ll never go through hundreds of spins without unlocking one of the special features for this slot game. The guarantee is helpful while you’re playing, because you’ll always know whether you should keep playing or not depending on how close you are to unlocking the bonus. If you are close to filling the guarantee bar, keep playing a bit longer and unlock a high value bonus round from the game.

Bulls and Bears is a cool slot game. It has that old-school Wall Street investor feel to it, but packs in a whole bunch of punchy features that give you more to look forward to as you play. It’s worth a playthrough for everyone, and some gamblers are going to keep coming back to it for more.