Megasaur Slots

If you are fan of dinosaurs and love exploring some of the oldest creatures on the planet, then you will love to explore the Megasaur slot game by RTG. In here you will have the chance to find some of the huge and powerful animals which will also get you some sweet rewards and great win opportunities. The game is simple to play and the graphics are amazing. The great bonus features which will get you the thrill of the day you have been looking forward to have, in addition, the game comes with incredible progressive amount which will be a sweet addition to all the great opportunities that this game has. Above all you have some sweet amounts to hit in her and wonderful bonus opportunities are very easy and fun to trigger. Enjoy your new adventure and be ready for its sweet rewards. Have fun.

Theme and Symbols

If you know about dinosaurs in general you will be glad to meet some of the most popular and powerful ones in here. And in case you are about to explore a new and exciting world for you will be glad to know that you will get to discover some of the nicest creatures out there. These wonderful characters are also great when it comes to rewarding you. As you manage to land wining combinations on your reels with these great animals, you will also have the chance to feel just how generous the old world was. You can look for creatures like Pterodactyls, Velociraptors, Diplodocus, and Triceratops. Then you will have some special ones as well which will remain special through the game being there to trigger some sweet bonus opportunities for you. Look for the most generous Green Megasaurs and the even more vicious Red Megasaurs. As you play on, you will have some nice and great quality perfectly matching sound effects which will keep your mood at the place as well. Simply enjoy!


While the theme and the graphics of the game are perfectly entertaining, the game play is also fun and simple. You will get to play on the great 5 reels and 25 pay lines of the game. You can choose to bet on as many lines as you wish. In addition, you will have home great betting amounts to choose from in here. The betting amounts can vary between $1.25 and $5. Top wins of course are available for the top betters so be sure to try some of those out in here. Moreover you have the mobile version of the game available as well. This means that you can have a convenient game play as you use your mobile device from just anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. The great news is that the mobile version is supported by any mobile device be it Android or iOS system. So just choose to mode you wish to have and enjoy!


The game comes with some great opportunities and bonuses and the excitement of their generous payouts is promised to remain for a very long time with you. So the game features Wild Megasaurs, Scattered Volcanoes. The great special symbols will also be there to trigger great free games and some amazing bonus features which you will love so much. You can discover the Megasaur Feature, the Feature Guarantee, and the Megasaur Jackpot. There are some up to 250 free games to experience in here with crazy multipliers worth up to 300 times of your bet. So be ready for some truly generous amounts in here.


The game also features a very special progressive amount which can be triggered just any time as you play on. The growing amount of the game is super generous and has the opportunity to pay you up to $1 million and hence keep spinning the reels and if you are having the luckiest day ever, you will get the chance to become the owner of the sweetest opportunities of the game. Good luck with those.